Convenience in camping

For many the camping is not exactly synonymous with comfort. In the tent it is tight, the bag does not always keep warm, there is not always enough lighting and above all ... there are no electrical outlets in the tent! The first strategy to bring the convenience in camping is to choose a well-equipped camping area, which provides running water, lighting, kitchens ... For the more fearless who wish camp away from the populated spaces, they can buy a variety of comfort which will make the camping more comfortable.

From water purifiers to solar backpacks, without forgetting the fantastic portable electric generators. Thanks to new technologies, it is not at all difficult today to bring some of the most common convenience in camping. What do you think of air conditioning? Well, maybe we're exaggerating, but with a small solar panel electric generator it will be possible to power a curtain-proof fan. Furthermore, thanks to special bags and travel bags that incorporate photovoltaic modules, you can always guarantee a recharge to your smartphone.

The lighting in camping it is not a problem thanks to the green house lamp: it illuminates the rooms and recharges your portable devices. It is a particular LED lamp that manages to provide electricity to recharge smartphones, multimedia players, gps ... Due to its power source, it is especially suitable for campsites in sea areas, the lamp is powered by salt water.

To prepare the dishes there are portable cookers, among these CampStove is more special than a classic portable cooker! Bring the water to a boil in 4.5 minutes and transforms heat into electricity, producing a power of 5V ready to recharge devices. The CampStove is a wood stove, the raw material can be collected in the woods. It costs around 100 euros.

We are located in a wood, in the middle of a campsite. Where can we find drinking water? Just locate a stream or a stream and have a water purifier in your backpack!

Another gadget appreciated by campers is the Eton Raptor. What is that? An AM / FM / WB radio, altimeter, compass, barometer, clock, and even bottle opener! In addition, the Eton Raptor can be used to charge any other electronic gadget via the USB adapter and a photovoltaic module that produces energy stored in the 1,800mAh rechargeable lithium battery, built into the Eton Raptor!

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