Types of soil for the vegetable garden

Types of soil for the vegetable garden

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Before cultivating the garden, it is important to know the quality and characteristics of the ground, to possibly work to correct imperfections so that it becomes a suitable soil for cultivation.

Types of soil, features
Just sink your hands into the ground and move it to understand the soil type:

  • It can be clayey if it remains compact and intact. It is a soil which, while containing organic substances and nutritional elements, splits on the surface when dry, easily saturated causing water stagnation. In this case it is preferable to add sand, peat and organic substance;
  • It can be silty if it is hard, heavy and tiring to work. For this soil type organic material must be added, furthermore it needs mulching;
  • It can be sandy if it disintegrates and splits into several parts. It is a soil type very dry, which does not retain water and nutrients, therefore it must be rebalanced with clayey earth;
  • it can be of medium composition, if it only splits in some portions. It is a ground medium mixture that contains 60% of sand, 20-30% of silt, less than 15-20% of clay and 2% of organic substance. This soil type it is suitable for the vegetable garden since it is made up, in a fairly balanced portion, of all the mineral elements necessary for the correct development of plants.

Types of soil, the mistakes to avoid
Very often the mistake is made of not evaluating thethe type of soil that you choose for the cultivation of the vegetable garden. Soils, as we have seen, are not all the same. Only with the knowledge of soil type which must accommodate the vegetables, it is possible to carry out all the necessary interventions to make it as suitable as possible for cultivation.
Another mistake not to make is to not prepare the ground intended for the cultivation of the garden in an appropriate manner, the ground must be prepared in advance.

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