Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the hybrid SUV

What the vehicle was supposed to be Mitsubishi Outlander Phev 2013 will turn intoOutlander phev 2014. In March, the automaker Mitsubishi had to stop the production ofOutlander Phev first due to a fire and later with problems related to battery. The vehicle, initially, was to be equipped with lithium-ion batteries produced by the company "Lithium Energy Japan", after the first tests, the Japanese car manufacturer found production defects in the batteries. The power packs were unstable and easily shorted out, so Mitsubishi stopped production and started a screening process to examine all the cars produced.

There Mitsubishi plans to produce 4,000 Outlender PHEV but the marketing of the vehicle will not take place before 2014 when theOutlender Phev will debut on the US market.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, on paper, it shows itself as one of plug-in hybrid more advanced and promising than the market, even more sophisticated than that already proposed by Toyota and Volvo. L'Outlander PHEV is a 4WD serial / parallel plug-in hybrid SUV with two electric motors, one per axle. An absolute novelty that will allow motorists to drive an SUV equipped with a heat engine and two electric motors that guarantee four-wheel drive, as well as having the power socket for recharging lithium-ion batteries.


The hybrid system is given by a 2-liter 121 HP petrol engine accompanied by two 60 kW electric motors, equivalent to 82 HP. The electric motors act on the two axes while the heat engine is placed at the front. The batteries proposed with the Outlender PHEV are lithium-ion batteries with 80 cells and 12 kWh rechargeable both on the move and during stops.

As happens with the electric cars, the Mitsubishi SUV lacks the classic transmission replaced by a series of gears, even the aesthetic look of the gearbox is proposed in another guise: the gear lever is a joystick type! The end result is a plug-in hybrid vehicle that can reach 170 km / h, consuming on average1.9 l / 100 km (44 g / km of CO2) and travel a total of 897 km on a full tank of petrol and electricity.


Video: 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Hybrid SUV - Interior, Exterior, Walkaround - Auto Show Brussel 2020 (October 2020).