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How much is Corporate Social Responsibility worth?

Not what matters on a human level, so far we are all in agreement, here we talk about 'what is worth' in a nutshell. Sorry for the bluntness, but it's the question we're all asking: how much is the Corporate Social Responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR) for the reputation, and consequently for the business, of the organizations?

A lot, indeed a lot if it is true that 93% of consumers declare themselves more loyal to the company that implements social responsability and 87% take into consideration the behavior of the manufacturing company at the time of purchase.

To say this is a research through interviews conducted in 2013 by CONE Communications / Echo on a sample of 10 thousand consumers from 10 countries around the world. Probably what counts is also the fear of entering the list of bad guys, if it is true as it is true that 9 out of 10 respondents say they are ready to boycott companies that have irresponsible behavior in view CSR, in particular towards theenvironment and human rights.

Beautiful, but how do consumers know who is virtuous and who is not in terms of CSR? This is where social media comes into play, through which anyone has access, as never before, to information on business behavior. According to the research, 62% of respondents use the web to inform themselves about the policies of Corporate Social Responsibility, which raises a question: the CSR Is it dying, as some claim, or is it transforming?

Even if the real questions are actually other: the sustainable businesses and managers are able to better deal with the crisis? Does communication capable of communicating and relating to stakeholders help organizations to overcome the difficult situation created by the global economic situation?

We try to give an answer 'The CSR and social innovation exhibition’, The first and largest event in Italy on the evolution of corporate responsibility towards increasingly innovative scenarios e sustainable. Cases and concrete experiences on eight important themes: food, environment, home, communication, economy, work, fashion, health. When? No hurry, but write it down on your agenda: see you there1 and 2 October 2013 atBocconi University of Milan.

Video: Oxford MBA Debate: Social Responsibility in Business (July 2021).