Energy saving

Energy saving at home: the washing machine

We keep talking about energy saving at home and how useful it is to have a energy etiquette at home, for the good of our pockets (less expensive bills) and for the environment (less CO₂ emissions). At home we spend most of our time and there is the greatest number of energy-intensive devices: using them better, more effectively, means save energy without giving up anything. After the tips for using the refrigerator, here are those for washing machine (and his fellow tumble dryer).

Washing machine. The first thing to know is that 15 minutes of pre-soaking and 5 minutes of shaking wash better than 15 minutes of shaking alone, and they consume less. The washing machine also works at low temperatures if you use suitable detergents. Active detergents at low temperatures (there are also ecological ones) do save energy and preserve the tissues.

There washing machine it should only be used with a full load and if you happen to wash a small amount of clothes, use the 'half load' setting, which is now present on almost all models. As for the tumble dryer, it would be good not to abuse it because the drying process is very energy-intensive: it is much better to use the clothesline or hang out the clothes outdoors if the weather permits (even the clothes will dry better).

Washing instructions in washing machine: always separate towels and heavier cotton items from lighter ones and use the cooling cycle, if it is present in your washing machine, to allow the clothes to complete drying with residual heat. As far as maintenance is concerned, however, always use an anti-limestone (also in this case there are ecological ones) to keep the coils, pipes and filters clean.

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