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Energy diagnosis

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There energy diagnosis it is a documented assessment that allows you to professionally diagnose the efficiency of the organization of the energy saving management system. There energy diagnosis, which is able to selectively identify waste of energy, can only be performed by professionals and specialized companies.

Energy diagnosis, the intervention
The intervention of the energy diagnosis it is requested if there are reasons for energy waste for which adequate control is required. There will be a thermotechnical expert who will analyze the building as a whole and in its individual parts, in order to find a solution to waste.

Energy diagnosis, who can do it
There energy diagnosis, unlike the energy certification, it can be done by any professional with a registration in the Register and with a license to design Buildings and / or Plants, which involve their skills under their responsibility.
Therefore, it is not necessary for you to participate in the design and / or direction of the works on the energy systems for which diagnosis is required

Energy diagnosis, how it takes place
The intervention takes place in three phases:

  1. First phase: consumption is measured, verifying whether they are high or suitable. For heating only systems it will be sufficient to check the bills; if the bill also includes the consumption of domestic hot water and cooking, the analysis will be performed by distinguishing the consumption for each service.
  2. Second phase: a detailed analysis is made of the cause of the high consumption: the reasons could be attributable to deficiencies in the heating system, heat loss or lack of free heat input.
  3. Third phase: identification of the appropriate therapy for each individual case, highlighting the relationship between costs and benefits.

Energy diagnosis, the outcome
Once the diagnosis has been made, a series of possible solutions to the problem will be presented to the client. Upon approval of the interventions, a request will be made to several companies to participate in the tender, comparing their offers. In the case of a condominium, two assemblies must be convened: the first to obtain approval for the intervention to be done and the second to accept the best quote provided by the company.

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