How to restore a chair

Do you have an old chair in the basement to repair? The restoration of a chair do it yourself does not involve a complex procedure. The classic upholstery on the seat can be easily repaired with little money and with a few tools, it will be enough to respect the fundamental rules of do it yourself that you will find below.

Chair restoration, the necessary
Fine sandpaper
Medium brush
Layer of foam rubber or sponge not less than 5 centimeters thick
Putty from wood
water-based enamel with the most appreciated glossy or matte color
Protective paint
Paper clips

Chair restoration, the procedure

  1. First clean the chair thoroughly, removing any dirt
  2. Remove the upholstery or seat padding with the aid of a screwdriver
  3. Lift the top liner, carefully removing seams and hair from the liner.
  4. Remove any nails that secure the padding to the chair structure with pliers.
  5. Make sure that the springs or wooden tapes on which the seat rests are in good condition
  6. Close any gaps in the chair frame using wood putty
  7. Then apply an anti-moth product, with the help of a brush
  8. Wait at least 8 hours before proceeding to the next steps
  9. Then pass the sandpaper over the entire structure of the chair
  10. Take the protective varnish and do the first pass
  11. Wait at least 6 hours and apply a light coat of sandpaper
  12. Run a second coat with the nail polish you have chosen
  13. Once the painting phase is over, you have to move on to the upholstery of the seat
  14. Cover the lower part of the seat with a sturdy canvas to be applied with nails
  15. Take the foam rubber or sponge and place it in the lower part of the pillow and cover it with the fabric
  16. Secure everything with the help of staples

If you want to finish the chair better, cover the staples, which are visible on the edge of the chair by placing the trimmings.

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