Tips for healthiness in the kitchen

The 'work triangle' to move well in the kitchen

Here we are not talking about food but about the environment where we are kitchen, often the most important in the home and certainly crucial to home health, trying to give a few advice to make it healthier and more livable. The first cooking tip is that it is large and welcoming, obviously being able, and in any case it is well ventilated with windows and forced ventilation with vent on the outside. Well-breathable walls are also important, given the humidity and vapors that usually form in kitchen, for this reason marble or tile coverings must only partially cover the walls.

The direct outlet to the outside of forced ventilation systems with fans is important for the healthiness of the kitchen because if they convey the air in a vertical channel (for example in a flue) their operation can prove to be almost useless and become a waste of energy rather than a help.

For the organization of the space in kitchen the Advice more widespread is to respect the so-called kitchen work triangle in order to carry out the main operations with sufficient comfort: removing from the refrigerator, washing, cutting and preparing, cooking on the fire. In practice, it is a question of arranging furniture and appliances so that these actions can be carried out with a few movements in the sequence in which they usually occur: extracting, washing, cutting, cooking.

Between cooking tips those for safety are particularly important, given that this is also the environment where the greatest number of domestic accidents occur. It is necessary to check that the stoves are equipped with all the prescribed safety devices and to observe the rules of conduct starting with not keeping the handles of the cooking pots protruding outwards.

Due to the cooking activities in kitchen a high level of pollution develops as well as humidity: the level of nitrogen and carbon oxides rises rapidly and these elements can combine in a deadly aerosol with the boiling humidity of food. That's why the first of the cooking tips is to keep it ventilated, then to regularly clean and replace the hood filters, also to prevent them from becoming nests of microorganisms and mites.

The nozzles of the gas kitchen they must be kept clean and in good condition: the yellow tinge of the flame, which instead must be blue and bright, is an indication of bad combustion and a worsening of emissions. There electric kitchen it does not produce combustion pollution but emits a very strong electric field close to the person who cooks.

Even electric ovens and appliances during operation produce positive ions and electric fields that are dispersed by ventilating the environment kitchen, which must always be done after using the microwave. The dishwasher should only be switched on when you leave the room and not only should you avoid using the kitchen to sleep, but also that this environment communicates with the bedrooms.