How to decorate a terrace

Having a terrace it means being able to enjoy an outdoor space in which to share happy moments with friends or relatives. Therefore it is essential to furnish it to make the environment more pleasant and liveable.
The plants lend themselves very well to furnishing the terrace, creating cool corners or shelters from prying eyes. Below we will see in detail how to decorate a terrace with objects that are pleasant and functional at the same time.

How to decorate a terrace, the furniture
On the terrace you cannot miss the table with chairs made preferably with weatherproof materials such as plastic or if it is sufficiently sheltered in wood, bamboo or wicker. We can put some armchairs or some sofas and if you have a lot of space available maybe a swimming pool or a whirlpool tub with some sun beds or deck chairs. We can also integrate something functional into the furniture, such as a small photovoltaic terrace that has nothing to envy from an aesthetic point of view. This is the case of Pyppy, the portable photovoltaic for garden and terrace.

How to decorate a terrace, plants
To improve the aesthetics of the terrace we can place the plants in different places: they offer shelter from the sun and from prying eyes. There are a myriad of species, therefore it is advisable to choose plants ad hoc for your needs
In case of air pollution, we can choose plants such as holly or hydrangea, which are very resistant to smog.
If we want more privacy we can opt for dense foliage and evergreen plants such as bamboos, or camellias, maybe we can decide to grow a climbing hydrangea along any railings. Speaking of creepers, we can also make some grow close to the wallpapers. For more information on climbing plants click on this link.
We can also set up a vegetable garden on the terrace, this allows us to always have seasonal fruit and vegetables at hand. Not to be overlooked are the aromatic plants, which are also very useful in the kitchen.

Useful information: when placing the plants on the terrace, prefer the area to the south to provide more sun to the plants even in winter, always paying attention not to let them dry out and to avoid stagnant water. In case of a necessary location in the north, prefer plants that adapt to the scarcity of light.

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