Orange flowers

THEOrange flowersthey are famous for their intense fragrance and their whiteness. They are in fact a symbol of chastity and purity. THE Orange flowers, like other inflorescences, they are formed by differentiation of the apex of a branch whose leaves have lost their photosynthetic capacity. Many do not know that the orange tree (which produces Orange flowers) was born as a hybrid, probably between pompaleone and mandarin, but over time it has established itself as an autonomous species, thecitrus sinensisof the Rutaceae family.

L'orange, one of the most cultivated fruit trees in the world, is an evergreen with a rounded crown that can reach a height of about 8-12 meters. L'orange it produces many fruits, about 500 tree fruits that can be harvested from November to May-June.

L'orange tree it is usually seen in gardens and terraces as a decorative plant since it does not require special care. It is no coincidence that there are several varieties of orange designed for purely ornamental purposes, with smaller dimensions that easily adapt to growing in pots. The orange can be grown in any region of Italy, it does not fear the cold even if it is a plant with Mediterranean tastes.

In the spring period the tree presents some marvelous onesflowers consisting of five white petals. THE Orange flowers they have the characteristic of releasing an intense perfume and are known as the "flower of brides". This tradition has its roots in the times of the Crusades where i flowers they were used to adorn the dresses of the brides. It is also said that the knights donated the fiori of orange to his wife as a wish for prosperity. THE Orange flowers they are used for the preparation of perfumes and in the preparation of some confectionery products such as the essence of orange blossom derived exclusively from bitter orange flowers,the word "zagara" comes from the Arabic zahra which means precisely flower.

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