Wind power

High-altitude wind power, winning projects

The higher you go, the stronger the winds blow. This is why the developers aim to spread the so-called "high altitude wind ", we talk about detailswind turbinesfloating at different heights above the ground. To invest inhigh altitude wind powerthere is also the web giant Google which recently acquiredturbinessteering wheels. Let's see some projects together.

High-altitude wind, the German project
Germany has launched a project where thewind energyofhigh altitudeit is exploited by a kite connected to a vehicle on rails. The project manager explains to us: "the energy efficiency of a kite far exceeds that of a kitewind turbine which cannot rise above 200 meters. With theKite the wind speed is doubled and the energy production is eight times higher. Depending on the wind conditions, eight kites flying over an area of ​​300 square meters can produce as much energy as 20 conventional wind turbines with a power of one megawatt each would produce. "

The technology was tested on a 400-meter straight. According to simulations, 24 kites could generate a power of 120 GWh per year, the energy needed to power approximately 30,000 homes. At this link all the details on the project.

High-altitude wind, the Italian project
Although the German applications preceded the Italian ones, the development of the first Kite to exploit thehigh altitude wind poweris to be counted to an Italian team. The Italian prototype is called Kite Gen, also in this case large kites are used. The kites are tied to an earthly unit with attacks "Dyneema", The traction of these attacks will generate the electricity. When the kite has reached its maximum production capacity, it will be rewound, according to the Kite Gen development team, the rewinding of the kite consumes only a small fraction of thepower produced. At this link all the details and photos on the Italian project.

High-altitude wind, the Google project
So far we have talked abouthigh altitude wind powerwith big kites. Google's project is quite different, the web giant aims to exploit thehigh altitude wind powerby means of particular "flying turbines". The first products are part of theMakani Power,a start-up totally acquired by Google.

High-altitude wind, projects already in progress
The projects seen so far are just starting out and far from mass diffusion. For now, thehigh altitude wind powerit is exploited, in part, by the largest wind turbines in the world. It is about thewind turbinesSiemens B75 here the wind turbine is 75 meters long, almost as long as the wingspan of an Airbud A380.

Video: Project Earth - Infinite Winds, 95 @ 9 PM ET on Discovery! (October 2020).