How to save fuel: the 2013 guide

How to save fuel: the 2013 guide

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The new guide on how to save fuel, edited by the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is available online!

The 5 chapters in which the guide is divided are:

1) Objectives of the guide on fuel economy and CO2 emissions

2) Advice to motorists to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

3) List of the most efficient passenger car models in terms of CO2 emissions, grouped by emission value and by fuel type

4) List of car models grouped by brands in alphabetical order

5) Index by brands

The guide, in simple and understandable language even for non-experts, begins by explaining what the greenhouse effect is, what possible climate change could be and what is being done to try to curb the potential negative effects.

Among the most interesting contents I point out the "10 rules for eco-friendly driving"(Or for save fuel).

Here they are below:

1) Accelerate gradually

2) Engage the upper gear as soon as possible

3) Maintain a moderate speed and as uniform as possible

4) Drive carefully and smoothly, avoiding sudden braking and unnecessary gear changes

5) Gradually decelerate by releasing the accelerator pedal and keeping the gear engaged

6) Stop the engine when possible, but only when the vehicle is stationary

7) Keep the tire inflation pressure within the recommended values

8) Remove ski racks or luggage racks immediately after use and carry only essential items in the trunk

9) Use electrical devices only for the time necessary

10) Limit the use of the air conditioner

By following these recommendations, in addition to save fuel, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 10-15%.

The tips for checking the condition of your car and for adopting an effective driving style are also very interesting.

I would say that this time our Ministries have hit the mark by publishing a useful document within everyone's reach.

If you want you can download the “2013 guide to fuel saving and CO emissions from cars” (18 Mb) for free.

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