How to choose the bicycle trailer

THE bike trailersthey are capable of transforming a two-wheeled vehicle on pedals into a full-fledged "tow truck". Be careful not to exaggerate with the load, the driving force is given by your legs or at most by the pedal assistance of the vehicle if it is a bicycleelectric. There is abike trailerfor every occasion: to transport dogs, to take children with you, for shopping ... You will be spoiled for choice. As is often the case, the more elaborate the bike trailerand the more the price goes up. Quality pays off especially when the feature we are looking for is lightness: the lighter thebike trailerthe more you'll have to spend.

Along with weight, another important feature is the space factor: they can be found on the markettrailersfoldable, more or less compact. When purchasing abike trailer, be careful to read theload capacity,make the choice according to your needs: if thetraileryou will need it to transport your medium-sized dog, choose a model with a maximum capacity set at 40 kg, obviously if the dog is smaller, even a thinner trailer will be fine.

THEbike trailerssafer, for the transport of pets or children, they are equipped with double parking brakes, safety belts, suspension springs and shock absorbers. Some models are uncovered and others designed for safe transport even in wind or rain: they feature a waterproof fabric hood. For the transport of children, the hood is useful for repairing from the sun, usually a window with sun visor film is associated with the hood.

Given the features just outlined, the cost of abike trailerit can fluctuate considerably, ranging from 40 euros for the leaner and more essential (but stable and safe) models up to several hundred euros for the more complete and cutting-edge models. In our Photo gallery you can get an idea of ​​what the market forbike trailers.

Video: Bike Trailer Video (October 2020).