Integrated photovoltaic in the company without incentives

Pressvit headquarters in Zibido San Giacomo in the province of Milan

Numerous cases show that companies find the integrated photovoltaic also without the incentives state of the now exhausted V Conto Energia. A good example is that of Pressvit Srl of Zibido San Giacomo, in the province of Milan, specialized in the sector of unified design screws, which has planned the launch of some energy efficiency measures including the installation of two photovoltaic systems for the roofs of the headquarters.

The interventions will be carried out by the company ABA Impianti and include a photovoltaic system a 60 KwP canopy and a integrated system of 33 KwP, the first in Italy to be built without incentives. Both will be used to optimize the structure from the point of view of energy consumption, increasing the level of efficiency.

For the installation of theintegrated photovoltaic system Conergy EcoPro 250W polycrystalline modules will be used which, thanks to their low weight, are the ideal solution for installations of this type. The peculiarity ofintegrated system is given by the fact that the modules themselves act as the surface of the roof to be covered, so as to make the architecture of the structure more harmonious, combining the technological advantage of the product with the aesthetic one.

Pressvit has also replaced the existing lamp bodies with others a Led technology, by placing light intensity sensors and presence detectors to optimize the operation of the lighting system and obtain electricity savings of 54% with an estimated payback time of three and a half years.

How was it possible to install photovoltaic systems without state incentives? Given the exhaustion of the Fifth Energy Account, ABA Impianti has entrusted the recovery of the installation cost to self-consumption and in particular to the so-called on-site exchange, which allows the electricity produced but not directly self-consumed to be fed into the grid, and then pick it up at a time other than that in which the production itself takes place.

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