Composting at home, here's how to do it

The practice of composting it fits perfectly with the garden but can also be donein home. Of course, the bigger it will be composter and the problems of those who want to self-produce good will be less compost but nothing prevents us from exploiting a few meters of ours balcony or the terrace.

For the composting at home it could be enough to use a simple terracotta (or plastic) vase of large dimensions but those who prefer comfort can buy some composters for domestic use. Unlike the garden composters, those for the home have closed-end funds, at the time of purchase make sure that the composter is equipped with small air intakes both on the lid and on each side. The ideal would be to choose one domestic composter equipped with a small hatch. The models of domestic composter more avant-garde have an anti-odor filter.

For the composting at home we must not exaggerate with humid matter: the bottom of the composter is closed and the exchanges of gases and liquids with the soil are extremely limited. To make the activity of home composting compatible with life in home, it is better to limit yourself to compost only waste such as vegetable scraps, dry leaves, weeds, straw ...

There composter it must be placed in a shaded position. Who is not planning to buy one domestic composter, as stated, it can take advantage of a large terracotta pot or a garbage can. Using a hoe, you should remember to mix yours frequently compost and always add a few handfuls of soil.

Even for odors there is a solution: an excellent natural anti-odor filter is given by a soil plug. Place a layer of earth at least 10 cm thick on your container and use this soil to grow something: there are those who grow parsley but to make the patch of land more cohesive and compact, it is better to cultivate clover by sowing it very dense.

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