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How to care for indoor plants

The indoor plants they represent an excellent furnishing solution and also have a beneficial effect on the person and on the physical place where you live. A room with many plants becomes a more welcoming and relaxing environment, without neglecting the fact that they are able to purify the air we breathe.
Are you passionate about plants and would you like to keep them indoors too? It is good to know what kind of attention they need and in this regard we will show you how to care for indoor plants, following some practical advice.

Indoor plants, useful information

  • Choose an ideal position to place the plant, since they need light the best place is certainly in front of a window
  • Remember that you have to rotate the plant 90 degrees once a week to prevent it from growing curves
  • Make sure it has an adequate temperature: the ideal temperature of indoor plants is 18/24 degrees, trying to pay attention to sudden changes in temperature
  • Remember to water the plant early in the morning or in the evening, remembering that the green of the house often dies from excess water
  • If the plant has grown, you must repot it in a larger pot, preferably terracotta: repotting is generally done in late winter but it is not a fixed rule. When the roots emerge from under the pot and the plant shows signs of impoverishment, transfer into a slightly larger container, using fresh and new earth
  • Fertilize the plant periodically in the spring-summer period, preferring liquid or solid organic fertilizer or slow release granules
  • Keep the plant clean: the dust clogs the breathing pores, favors the installation of fungal spores and makes the appearance ugly. Cleaning with polish is only recommended for species with leathery leaves: all others can be dusted with soft brushes or clean, damp cloths
  • During cleaning, remove dried leaves and withered flowers
  • Avoid exposing the plant to drafts but not to good air circulation: houseplants are greatly affected by closed and stagnant air, especially if polluted by cigarette smoke.

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