Outdoor picnic? Here are the first courses

Outdoor picnic? Here are the first courses

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A wonderful day to spend outdoors, breathing fresh air and wandering around in good company ... there seems to be nothing missing but ... wait, who prepared the lunch ?! If you are organizing a picnic, preferably for the preparation of first dishes follow the Three Rs rule picnic first courses they must be Simple, Healthy and Delicious!

Okay, it's true, there is no Three Rs rule, we invented it because we introduce the list of picnic first courses to be preferred. Very often i picnic turn into an encounter with greasy dishes ready to clog your arteries, it's even worse when the picnic turns into a barbecue where i first dishes have that annoying aftertaste of charcoal, smoke and alcohol! Here are some ideas that will save your neighbors picnic outdoors:

  • Fiesta Rice Salad
    A fresh rice salad with black beans and vegetables. To reduce the oil in the dressing, add a few drops of lime and finely chop the peppers and cherry tomatoes.
  • Macaroni salad
    Sweet, creamy and simple. It is prepared in 20 minutes and can be made creamy either with a simple spreadable cheese or with a sauce given by a few drops of white vinegar, mustard and mayonnaise.
  • Wheat Salad with Corn and Lime The sweet flavor of corn combined with the more rustic one of wheat, yes, we're talking about durum wheat! The first course can be made even fresher with herbs and gherkins.
  • Potato salad
    Those with a sweet tooth can enrich it with mayonnaise and bacon.
  • Mixed skewers
    A stick can hold pieces of bread, cold cuts, cheeses but also many fresh and genuine vegetables.
  • The classic Caprese
    Tomato, pieces of mozzarella and basil. Caprese is excellent and those willing to give up lightness can use the Italian flag to dress a pasta salad.
  • Italian pasta salad
    Olives, anchovies, salami, beans, peppers, mozzarella ... our salads can come to constitute a first complete dish!
  • Crunchy pea salad
    Peas and carrots? The pea salad is prepared like the potato salad. Do not be put off by the appearance, if you use freshly harvested peas it will be sweet and tasty.
  • Chicken salad
    Fresh lettuce, lemon, pepper and chicken. Excellent first course for an outdoor trip. Anyone who wants can use chicken to enrich pasta salads with feta, shallots and olives.

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