Visit the Frignano Park

We are in the High Apennines of Emilia Romagna, inFrignano Park,its administrative headquarters are located in Pievepelago, one of the main tourist centers of the ridgeTuscan-Emilian. Those who love nature tourism and are wondering where to doexcursionsbetween Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, you can find what you are looking for in the protected area ofFrignano Park. There will be a great variety of fauna and flora to welcome him.

The fauna that characterizes theFrignano Parkis much loved bynature photographersand adventurers. With a'excursion to the Parkit will be possible to come across different animals typical of this area: wolves, raptors, amphibians, reptiles, weasels, stone martens, badgers, roe deer and wild boars).


The landscape of the upper Modena Apennines is perfect forhikersalso thanks to the presence of its lakes: the Ninfa lake at the foot of Mount Cimone, the Santo lake, in its glacial basin and the Baccio lake. If in the summer theFrignano Parkis the paradise ofhikers, in winter this town turns into an excellent destination for those who love sports: you can practice all the sports in the world of snow, there are 70 kilometers of cross-country skiing trails and rings available.

What to visit in the area?
The Esperia Botanical Garden of the municipality of Sestola can give incredible emotions, with its 2 hectares of surface, the garden is managed by the Italian Alpine Club of Modena. Remaining on the subject of biodiversity and flora of the territory, you cannot miss a visit to the Ducal Park, in the capital of Frignano. TheDucal Parkis an expanse of 15 hectares, dates back to the mid-nineteenth century and houses acedar of lebanonsecular.


The majestic cedar has a trunk of over 6 meters in circumference and a height of about 35 meters, it is not surprising that thiscedaris counted amongmonumental trees of Italy!

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