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Plant care, natural methods

For take care of plants of our flower gardens it is not necessary to resort to chemical treatments. In fact, there are effective natural methods able to fight and prevent the presence of parasites and diseases, thus ensuring the health of plants even in a period of luxuriance such as spring: it is the most delicate period for plants as flowers and leaves risk be compromised by some annoying predator, both for indoor and outdoor plants. But let's see in detail how to care for plants using only natural remedies.

Take care of the plants, useful information

  • In case of worms in the soil of the garden pots, it will be sufficient to insert a slice of raw potato in the pot to flush them out. A valuable aid is represented by the cultivation of aromatic plants such as basil: it helps to keep the larvae of parasites away.
  • To remove the cabbage butterflies from the garden, we can use sage, thyme and mint, arranging them all around the plants we want to protect.
  • Anise and coriander are effective against very dangerous aphids: if the plant has already been attacked by these insects, we can treat the affected parts with a jet of water and then with a solution based on Marseille soap and water.
  • To ward off the snails that creep into our crops, we can sprinkle ash or salt all around the garden. Alternatively, you can also eliminate them with a little beer left on display next to plants and flowers that they are most fond of: the next day it will be very easy for us to neutralize them since they will be under the effect of alcohol.
  • To treat garden plants from white sickness in a natural way, we can prepare a solution consisting of a tablespoon of bicarbonate in a liter of water.
  • If the plants had been affected by the black spot, we can use a solution composed of copper sulphate mixed with hydrated lime, which must be sprayed on the most attached leaves about once a month.

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