Energy saving

Hybrid zeolite boiler

It is interesting how the combination of different technologies can increase the energy efficiency of one boiler. One plus one equals three? If it is not really that little we are missing, let's say two and a half. It is also interesting to note that technologies can be modern or very ancient, such as zeolites, and use different energy sources.

The quality of the devices hybrids in terms of performance it is indeed well demonstrated by the recent integrated hybrid system with zeolite of the boilers Vaillant which combines zeolites - the so-called boiling stones - the established technique of boiler condensing units, a domestic hot water boiler and a solar collector.

The hybrid system to which Vaillant gave the name zeoTHERM is based on a smart thermoregulation, which manages the system by choosing the most convenient technology to guarantee comfort instant by instant. The result is a 135% efficiency and higher efficiency than normal condensing boilers.

What are the zeolites? The word zeolite, literally 'boiling stone', was coined in 1956 by the Swedish scholar Axel Fredrik Cronstedt who observed the release of water vapor - produced by the water trapped in the cavities - by heating one of these minerals (Wikipedia). We are therefore talking about a system for the production of steam that has been known for two and a half centuries.

What is a heat pump? It is a machine that produces thermal energy by exploiting external sources, such as air, water or soil. The energy produced can be used to heat, cool and to produce hot water. We talk aboutgeothermal system, the most popular among the applications ofheat pump, when the heat exchange source is the ground.

THE hybrid systems integrated with zeolite, the zeoTHERM by Vaillant have powers from 10kW and 15kW, they are excellent in combination with radiant panel heating systems arranged in the floor. The system includes a zeolite machine with condensing boiler, a bivalent DHW storage tank, solar collectors and solar station.

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