How to fertilize the vegetable garden

Fertilize the garden it is an operation that must be done in a cyclical manner to make one's land more productive. In fact, to guarantee a rich and luxuriant harvest it is necessary to give the soil the right fertilizer then feed it preferably using natural fertilizer that does not pollute yours. vegetable garden
There are obviously many types of fertilizers but if you don't want to fill yours vegetable garden of chemicals, prefer natural fertilizers, which give the earth the nutrients it needs to grow your vegetables and fruit healthy and genuine. The best time for fertilize the earthor it is winter: the earth must be moved, fertilized and left to rest to be ready in spring. In this regard, let's see how to fertilize the vegetable garden following our instructions.

How to fertilize the garden, the necessary

  • Gloves
  • Spade
  • Rake
  • Pickaxe
  • Shovel
  • Fertilizer

How to fertilize the garden, the procedure

  1. With the spade and sink into the ground, turning the earth over until it reaches a depth of at least 20 centimeters
  2. Gradually eliminate all the roots of weeds that take away space and nutrients from your plants and stones
  3. Once this is done, crumble the earth with the pickaxe then pour the fertilizer and with the rake mix it with the soil.
  4. Before sowing, wait at least a couple of months, the time for the earth to mix well with the fertilizer

How to fertilize the garden, types of fertilizer
The most suitable fertilizer to enrich the soil is manure: among the types of manure we find the equine one which is also the most expensive, then we have the bovine one and that of the chickens. As an alternative to manure we can use compost, you will save money and you will have the opportunity to recycle organic waste giving a big hand to the environment.

How to fertilize the soil, useful information
Any type of fertilizer must be used in the most suitable periods for fertilization and precisely during the vegetative restart (end of February) and at the end of the summer period (in September).

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