FlyKly, for the electric retrofit of the bike

Many people are on the hunt forkitforto commuteyour ownbikein a'ebikepedal assisted. The electric bicycle retrofitit is possible through the use of different devices available on the market. Kits to convert your ownbike in a pedal assisted bikethey are quite affordable.

Good proposals can be found at prices around 200 euros. With the cheapest kits, the battery is placed in a waterproof bag to tie to the frame. The more expensive kits provide a custom-made monocoque for the tube of thebike or even incorporate the battery next to the engine compartment. We have already talked aboutkit for the electric retrofit of bicycles, so we introduced you to BionX and the highly advertised Green Wheel.

The product that we will present to you today is called FlyKly, a kit for the electric retrofit of the bike that includes aSmart Light, a light that is powered by the classic dynamo connected to the wheel. FlyKly offers itself to the public with the same operating mechanism as the aforementioned Green Wheel. It is a particular wheel (available in 26 "or 29") that houses the electric motor and sensors that interconnect with the cyclist's smartphone.


The maximum speed is limited to 25 km / h and with smartphone applications various parameters can be monitored such as: battery life, gradients, distances traveled, speed ... The on-board battery can be recharged in two hours via a domestic electrical socket while the smartphone battery can be recharged with a power system that uses the classic dynamo system.

The manufacturers claim that the battery will be able to support over 1,000 charge cycles where each charge provides a range of around 50km. The FlyKly kit is very easy to install and, users who decide to buy it can count on a demonstration video and the classic assembly manual. The motor has a power of 250W and the batteries are lithium-ion, 36V. The first FlyKly prototypes are available on Kickstarter at a price of about 400 euros, the campaign ends in the first days of December.


Video: FlyKly Smart Ped E-Bike (October 2020).