Wireless charging for NY electric cars

The possibility ofrecharge the electric carin modewirelessit is certainly not new. In Germany, Switzerland and the USA there are many pilot projects that see electric buses recharged during the classic line stops. In the commercial sphere, the Nissan LEAF and the Chevrolet Volt may have long beenrecharge wirelessly. The only flaw of thewireless charginglies in efficiency and timing.

A breakthrough should be made by the pilot program "Hevo Power " which will involve the city of New York. Hevo Power is a program ofchargingforelectric carsin modewireless that takes advantage of the manholes in the streets.

How will thewireless charging of electric carscircling the streets of New York?

Drivers will have access - via a smartphone app - to an interactive map that will allow them to locate the "charging manhole "closer. Once the location ofwireless charging, the driver will only have to park on it. Payment will be made through the Smartphone application which will also allow you to keep track of the amount of energy that is supplied from the manhole and transmitted to the batteries of theelectric car. Obviously the manholes involved in the Hevo Power project incorporate a system ofwireless chargingwhich is activated thanks to the user interface of the dedicated application on smartphones.

The Hevo Power project involves the use of a system ofchargingtraditional inductive, the same that we use every day to charge smartphones, keyboards and mice. Thererecharging electric cars by inductionit uses a resonant charge so as to be faster and less expensive.

The pilot project will start in New York in early 2014. The manhole covers, thus modified, could also be installed in the courtyard or garage of the house, perhaps in a not too distant future. wireless charging of electric carsit will become a standard for construction companies.

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