How to make goat cheese

In summer in salads, in winter in tasty dishes, the cheese it is always an excellent ingredient both in terms of taste and in terms of nutrition, in particular that of goat in recent years it has also been rediscovered in large cities, far from where it is produced and we find ourselves wondering how to make goat cheese. It is not difficult but it is very important that those who prepare it are able to do so in order to obtain a goat cheese than with the typical soft texture that is expected, knowing what we have been lucky enough to taste maybe in some farm. The consistency of goat cheese must be similar to that of spreadable cheese, it is not a mission impossible to prepare it at home starting from fresh goat milk.

How goat cheese is made

First of all, let's get all the ingredients you need and which may not be trivial to find in grocery stores. Much depends on where we live but let's not forget that some products can also be easily found online or in agricultural markets that I advise you to always attend, whenever possible.

To begin to understand how to do the goat cheese you need a liter of fresh goat's milk, the juice of 2 lemons, 30 ml of vinegar and half a teaspoon of salt. The option of herbs dry because it allows us to personalize our cheese by deciding which ones to use while we prepare it. What would you wear? I Origan, sage or mint.

How to make homemade goat cheese

We can begin to set up the "set" in our home for how make goat cheese using a food gauze in muslin. We can buy it online or I suggest you look for it in one of those kitchen items shops that also have objects that are not exactly in common use and very useful for those who love cooking experiments. It is not a quick operation that we are about to do but it is worth it, the cheese of goat it is a really interesting food as well as very tasty. IS healthy and even those who usually turn up their noses when faced with cheese.

We begin to heat milk over medium heat, dose it and slowly pour it into a saucepan which we then put on the stove, setting the flame to medium. The liquid must reach a temperature of 87 ° C but let's not go for a ride while it heats because it must be stirred often in order to distribute the heat evenly. To control these fateful 87 ° C it is clear that we need a thermometer because an accuracy is required that we cannot ensure without an appropriate measuring instrument. Once at the right temperature we can add vinegar and lemon juice then continue to mix so that the three ingredients are unrecognizable.

Now let's take a colander and coat it with the muslin food gauze, first, however, we check that it is of the right size in order to contain all the milk that we have heated to avoid loss of materials and burns. Lining is also an important step and must be done with a lot of precision.

When we pour the milk in the colander, removing it from the heat, we act very slowly to avoid overturning it and also burning ourselves, being at over 87 ° C, then we can add the salt, the half spoon we have prepared, spreading it little by little and evenly. It is important that the doses of salt are the correct ones, so it is worthwhile taste several times to make sure that the final flavor is what we want, also taking into account that we can then count on herbs which we will add towards the end.

First we take the gauze with milk, hang it up and leave it like that for an hour, usually it hangs like a big bundle on the sink tap waiting for the cheese to thicken. When it has reached the correct consistency we can take our cheese in our hands and sprinkle it with the dried aromatic herbs we have chosen for this preparation, stirring to distribute them evenly. In addition to oregano, the thyme or the rosemary, but from this point of view you can indulge in various experiments to propose to friends who come to dinner and can vote for their favorite.

Before serving, the cheese must obviously be done cool in the refrigerator but wrapped in baking paper to make it thicken. To get an idea, the consistency we must obtain, in the final phase, is that of a typical spreadable cheese.

How to make creamy goat cheese

Goat cheese must have one creamy consistency but this should not prevent us from using it also in other contexts, many for example put it on pizza, both in addition to mozzarella and as an alternative, to have a touch of more local and original flavor. Rest assured that the taste of goat cheese it goes well with that of tomato sauce as with that of many ingredients of the most famous pizzas, first of all that with vegetables or ham.

Because it's creamy, goat's cheese is just fine too spread on bread, it is a great snack, healthy and nutritious, and with a hint of honey overlaid, it is also sweet and pleasant for children. Always the same coupled, with honey, put on gods crispy croutons, it is a good aperitif.

During a dinner, we can propose the goat cheese also together with meat, chicken or pork. Once we have learned how to make goat cheese, we can use it as an ingredient by spreading it directly on the meat to add flavor and creaminess to the dish

How to make goat cheese and store it

To properly store the cheese is necessary keep it in a humid and cool environmentotherwise the risk is that it will go wrong. Let's wrap it in baking paper and place it in a refrigerator drawer because it will stay so soft and fresh for longer. If we realize that for any reason, our cheese has gone bad, after two weeks it is also normal, let's check if there is any yellowish mold and in case, let's throw it.

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