Dynamic yoga: what it is and benefits

Who thinks of the classic yoga it is difficult to imagine a dynamic yoga, I realize, yet it exists and is not the result of the eccentric inventiveness of some heretic. It is not even a very modern invention born with marketing objectives. The dynamic exists, has its own name and its "rules", and also many benefits for those who practice it.

For a long time, and not only today in this world always on the move, Yoga practitioners have a hard time maintaining asanas statically. It is not always a question of being in a hurry, it is often the body that rebels, the mind that paws and it takes little to lose the position, especially if you are still at the beginning. With dynamic yoga, some of these problems can be considered solved, even the discipline is always anything but banal.

Dynamic yoga: what it is

Those who have already tried to deepen the topic will have heard of "vinyasa". This term defines a dynamic yoga style where you "flow" from one position to another in accordance with the breath. The body, and also the mind, do nothing but transit from one asana to the next, not in a causal or neurotic way but in a dynamic and flowing way because they are guided by the breath, the wise alternation of inhalation and exhalation.

A classic example of this style of yoga is the well known sun salutation which we also find practiced by more static yoga traditions, but in general what is performed is always a sequence that draws from the repertoire of classical postures, those of’Hatha yoga, linked to each other in a sort of meditation in movement. This is basically true, in general, to give guidelines to a style that is in fact potentially imaginative and creative.

The dynamic yoga teacher, in fact, is free to develop an infinite number of combinations, proposing them to their students after having decided them on the basis of their propensities and their ability to concentrate. The sequences can therefore change from class to class and from day to day, they can be more dynamic or less, more difficult or less to perform, up to being considered physically demanding.

Dynamic yoga is by nature an eclectic and creative style that requires a certain degree mental elasticity but also a certain athletic preparation as it is a vigorous discipline. It can be used in many different contexts, it is "malleable" to many situations since the sequence to be performed is not fixed a priori, the teacher is free to propose one or the other, guided by experience and instinct.

Dynamic yoga: mat

From great philosophical discourses to purely practical issues such as buying a mat to do yoga, dynamic or not. There are several on the market, even online there are good proposals such as this yoga mat, non-slip and resistant, optimal as a shock absorber and with double layer. For sale at 33 euros on Amazon, it is an excellent pillow that is also light to carry 1830 × 800 × 6mm.

Alternatively, there is a yoga mat non-slip which can also be used on other occasions, such as for making pilates or fitness exercises. It costs 38 euros, always on Amazon. Last proposal, which we make here, is this yoga mat with a thickness of 10 millimeters, with a blanket tearproof and the non-slip surface, from 20 euros.

Dynamic yoga: benefits

Dynamic yoga is a style of yoga considered particularly suitable for Western mindset which is therefore opposed to the ideas underlying thehatha yoga. Among the benefits related to this discipline, there are those at the cardiovascular level, in general it trains a lot of endurance and strengthens strength.

It is also important in this case find your own rhythm and do not worry about following the teacher, the sequence must be a flow and not a chase his moves. This is also why in general dynamic yoga is not recommended for beginners but for those who already know yoga and can with greater ease move from one position to another without getting too tired or devoid of focus.

Dynamic yoga: exercises

For those who want to deepen this discipline there is the book "Dynamic Yoga " written by Kia Meaux which illustrates both its genesis and its potential. The guide, inspired by Astanga Vinyasa yoga, proposes and explains energizing exercises and relaxation techniques that can be practiced without problems at home.

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