Phrases about the most beautiful kisses

In the crowd of phrases about kisses, many banal and obvious, many others perhaps initially interesting but then so used that they no longer have an effect, let's see which ones can still be effective and excite. Rostand's, for example, is one of the best known and has now lost power: "A kiss, in short, what is a kiss? a pink apostrophe between the words I love you ... ", better that of Einstein who, a man of science, tells us that "A man who can drive safely while kissing a beautiful girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves."

From the movie "Gone with the Wind" we can quote "You should be kissed and by someone who knows how", quite popular as well as that of Verlaine, "The kiss. Primula in the garden of caresses "

Phrases about kisses and songs

There is also talk of kisses in songs, almost always of love. There are some that speak explicitly of kisses such as "The Last Kiss" by Carmen Consoli and "Kiss me again "by Jovanotti, or others that do not have the kiss in the title but in the text and how. This is the case of "Love does not pass here" by Negramaro: "In the kiss of lovers who exchange silences there is a story to be thrown away and another to be redone in the dark basement". Raf gave us "The taste of a kiss" while going back in time we find "Your kiss is like a rock" by Adriano Celentano is "Kiss Me, Baby" of the Cetra Quartet. They are songs to be sung at least once a year, in World Kissing Day

Phrases about kisses on the neck

Among the phrases about kisses, some are specific, tell where they are given or make it understood.

Kisses are not an anticipation of other tenderness, they are the highest point. (Erri De Luca)

Don't be scared if you feel my lips on your neck, I didn't want to kiss you, it's just awkward love. (Franz Kafka)

People would be better off in the morning if they got a kiss on the nose. (Peanuts)

Phrases about the most beautiful kisses

In this case, choosing the most beautiful is a very subjective matter. I have chosen the voice of some of my favorite artists.

The ardor of that kiss did not leave them for many days and filled their nights with delicate ghosts, leaving the memory on the skin, like a burn. The joy of that meeting enraptured them, making them levitate on the street, drove them to laugh for no apparent reason, awakened them excitedly in the middle of a sleep. They touched their lips with their fingertips and evoked exactly the shape of the other's mouth. (Isabel Allende)

And I kiss your mouth wet with twilight. (Pablo Neruda)

Kissing someone for the first time is always a kind of miracle, a heady journey along the rapids of a strange river. (Peter Cameron)

He stroked my hair and my heart hammered so hard that I thought: if he kisses me, I die. (Stefano Benni)

Most of the sex I had had in my life hadn't been as intimate as that kiss ... (Kirsten Dunst)

Kisses are what remains of the language of Heaven. (Joseph Conrad)

love is living two thousand dreams until the sublime kiss. (Alda Merini)

The first kiss is not kissed by the lips, but by the eyes. (Thomas Bernhardt)

A kiss was a rare thing in a person's life and was treasured as a treasure. The pain was jealously preserved so as not to forget it. And you learned from that. Now socks, pains and kisses, we consume everything, we break everything, we get rid of everything. (Marcela Serrano)

Phrases about unexpected kisses

Unexpected kisses are often the most beautiful, unless they are unexpected and unwanted!

He didn't say a word and didn't slow his grip for a good five minutes, during which time he gave her more kisses than, I could swear, he'd ever given in the rest of his life. (Emily Bronte)

I bent down to kiss her goodnight, but suddenly the kiss went wild, a fire, a hurricane. I couldn't stop. (Yves Montand on Marilyn Monroe)

Now hold on to my arm, hold on tight. We will visit dark places, but I think I know the way. You just take care not to let go of my arm. And if I were to kiss you in the dark, it won't be anything serious: it's just because you are my love. (Stephen King)

I would like to know why he kissed me. I don't know, he murmured ... He wanted an answer, at least a refusal, but certainly not that nothing. He can't get away with it without an explanation. But there was nothing to say. That kiss was like modern art. (David Foenkinos)

My mouth kissed me all trembling./ Galeotto was the book and whoever wrote it: / that day we no longer read you ahead. (Dante Alighieri)

The best moment of kissing in my opinion is when you see her face approaching yours and you know you are about to be kissed. That moment ... that moment before is a wonderful thing. (From the film Portrait of a Lady)

The first kiss is the word pronounced in concert by four lips that make love a king. (Khalil Gibran)

Phrases about Shakespeare's kisses

The well-known poet gives us the sweetest and most poignant phrases about kisses, we can find many, both in English and Italian, in his book of "Sonnets”With English text opposite. Here are some samples of his style, on kisses and on love.

Love, love madly, love as much as you can and if they tell you it is sin, love your sin and you will be innocent. (Romeo and Juliet)

Love is not Love if it changes when it discovers a change or tends to vanish when the other moves away (Sonnet 116)

See how she rests her cheek on his hand: Oh, I could be the glove of that hand and so be able to touch that cheek! (Romeo and Juliet)

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