Weird pets

Weird pets, because in addition to dog, cat, canary and turtle, there is more. And sometimes, the stranger it is, the more it is desired, sought, shown. If you see all the colors and all the species, sometimes it borders on the lack of respect of the same animal. This is a fact that needs to be kept in mind when addressing issues such as strange pets. Especially online, when there is greater danger of being detached without realizing it: before taking a look at the antics that occur in all parts of the world, let us remember that choices must be made in full compliance with strange pets, or not weird. They are living beings, not gadgets, not accessories, not stuffed animals.

Weird and small pets

More than plush, the strange pets and little ones could be taken for knick-knacks. As in the case of frogs, with dimensions from 10 to 300 mm, amphibians cousins ​​of toads and tree frogs. There are almost 50 species but, remaining in Italy, the most common and easy to adopt are the Rana latastei, Rana temporaria, Rana arvalis, Rana dalmatina, Domestic frog and Rana graeca.

It doesn't cost much effort to choose a frog among all strange pets, as he is self-sufficient and loves to live in freedom. Needless to say, what makes frogs strange are the protruding eyes, very funny, a little hyperthyroid and which recall the world of fairy tales. Even the body, squat, from which long and agile legs emerge, with webbed ends that in the smaller species have a model-making precision.

Even lovers of strange pets they could turn up their noses by touching their slightly slimy skin, on the other hand they often stay in the water and to host them in the best conditions, it is better to contact authorized and certified facilities. There domestic frog recommended is the African dwarf frog, a rather solitary type, does not want roommates in its terrarium which must be large and well thermoregulated, with gravel, filter, natural plants and decorative details. To feed strange and small pets it does not mean that little effort is needed: for the frog, get insects, worms, crickets, flies, flour moth larvae, if still tadpoles instead appreciate salad, seaweed and nettles a lot.

Being on a small scale, in the world of strange pets we meet the tarantula, sought by some as a company, it seems. Personally I would avoid choosing it entirely, I recommend at least not to caress it. To feed it, you need crickets, cockroaches, mice, birds or lizards available on the market or "a nice plate of flies". She will be grateful to you.

A miniature that, from the farm, becomes part of the category of strange pets and the Pony. There are many breeds, mini ones, but the best known are there Shetland miniature and the Australian miniature pony although all are descendants of the former. In general they have a large head, ears and legs, the height must not exceed 34 centimeters to be considered miniatures.

Attention, if among the strange pets choose these, not to make them obese: they have a strong and tight physique and must be kept very “like a stick” unfortunately they do not know how to regulate themselves, even if in general they are strange and very intelligent beings. Another trick, in order not to have a rasta mini pony that of taking care of the coat, thick and coarse, with a regular grooming of the mane and tail.

Weird Pets: Photos

The strange pets, almost by definition, they are subjects to be immortalized, but some more than others. They are the ones who populate galleries and social network profiles, leave big and small alike in awe. Like the iguanas: who has not suffered the charm of these strange pets very similar to the mega lizards?

In addition to being universally fascinating, they are also capable of living close to people, docile and… thank goodness since even the domestic specimens can reach a meter and a half in length. Females are smaller but like strange pets they need a suitable terrarium for their temperatures and the freedom to roam around the house climbing everywhere. When they are hungry they make it clear, give them vegetables, fruits and legumes, as a dessert basil and hibiscus flowers they love!

Excellent strange pets, even small and intelligent, there are Vulpes Zerda. So nice with the crafty and cartoonish nose that photos are wasted. In size, consider a Chihuahua, but they have a similar behavior to cats: they use the litter box if you educate them and they are game lovers. They are not at all strange pets to fear but it is important to give them space to exercise and get tired.

Colors and shapes from photos even those all made in Africa of Spotted Genet. They're wonderful hyperactive weird pets, they look like a cross between a ferret, a cat and a raccoon. They are not difficult to adopt but beware: they are tremendously jealous, they must be the only animal guests in the house. And if you photograph them, you make them happy, they are at ease at the center of attention.

Weird Pets: Videos

Among a thousand videos of dogs and cats with human behaviors that populate the web, there is also room for strange pets or, at least, with strange behaviors. There goat with his bizarre behavior he is certainly a good subject for videos, besides the fact that taking care of one at home is a very positive gesture.

You save it from slaughter, first of all, and you can discover their best side of strange pets: they are very suitable for pet therapy, alongside children with deficits and hyperactivity, cognitive and psychosocial problems, for example. It is also ideal for reducing stress in adults and the elderly. There are various races throughout the world, but the most suitable, meek and in tune with human habits, is the Tibetan goat.

It also has a reasonable size and a cheerful and sociable character. There is also the pygmy goat, dwarf, among the strange pets, and it is to be filmed so much it is fun and playful, even very noisy and terrified at the thought of being alone.

Even the goose in terms of unleashing hilarity is excellent among strange pets. The domestic goose is plumper than its wild cousins, has rounder and softer shapes, but does not require much care and is not prone to disease. Of domestic geese there are at least 100, small, medium and large, but the best known in Italy, in addition to the famous ones of the Capitoline Hill, are the Romagnola, the Shetland, the Pomerania, the Toulouse and the Bourbonnais.

Then just a ride on the most used social networks to get an idea of ​​the videos inspired by strange pets, with curiosity but also with a critical spirit. Sometimes, to be strange, more than pets, they seem like their owners to me.

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