How to counteract skin aging

How to counteract skin aging

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Skin aging, not only of the face, but also. And there are times that it also happens prematurely, due to factors internal to our body or other external factors such as pollution, sun exposure or smoking. There are remedies and tricks to slow down the skin aging process as much as possible in a natural way and respecting our body and its balance.

In addition to dealing with skin aging of the face, it is also good to think of parts such as décolleté, legs and hands that show the signs of age in the same way: it is possible to prevent them.

Premature skin aging

Natural and inevitable, skin aging occurs gradually: over time, the skin thins, changes its structure and slows down its natural ability to renew itself. So here it loses its tone and is marked by wrinkles, first light, then more and more visible.

They are signs that can be annoying and embarrassing, appear on the face as well as in other areas, together with the spots that in the areas often exposed to the gaze of others may be unwanted.

L'premature skin aging it can be either a genetic issue, as there are those who have white hair as early as 30, or the consequence of an inadequate lifestyle, the habit of smoking and excessive exposure to the sun without the appropriate protection.

Premature skin aging can be prevented by starting to use specific creams even at a not "dangerous" age so as not to be caught unprepared by the first micro-folds due to the force of gravity which, over the years, become wrinkles.

Skin aging: causes

To dictate the pace of skin aging are our genes in the first place, which starting from the age of 25, or so, begin to make us feel aging. This change of pace is not immediately evident but already before the age of 30 begins a slowdown in the functions of our skin cells. This is called "chrono-aging", it is an "intrinsic" process with timing that varies from person to person.

Skin aging is also strongly influenced by environmental factors and lifestyles that are correct or not, and in this case we speak of "extrinsic aging". The sun contributes to "photo-aging", even smoking accelerates skin aging, giving us the "smoker's face".

Skin aging: natural remedies based on retinol

There are natural retinol-based remedies to not give up on skin aging by watching and watching the increasingly evident wrinkles. These are remedies to be associated with a balanced and healthy diet, essential when it comes to preventing skin aging.

The products of Bottega Verde are excellent in this sense, based on retinol and available in various forms. For example, there is the enhanced anti-aging day face cream, with pro-retinol, vegetable collagen, hyaluronic acid, Ginseng extract, Vitamins E and F, perfect for fighting the signs of aging and giving the skin a new radiance. . Also from Bottega Verde we find the cleansing and tonic milk "Retinol Bv Plus" and other discounted products available on

Facial skin aging

The face in particular shows the signs of aging and to make them less quick to appear it is important to take care of our skin every day. Daily cleaning, in fact, is the first prevention, accompanied by the use of cosmetics with specific anti-aging active ingredients. Proper cleansing, the application of creams with effective active ingredients, the use of photoprotection and the use of cosmetic products that normalize skin parameters are essential if you want a smooth, even complexion, hydrated and as firm as possible.

Skin aging and wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the many aspects of the skin aging process that manifests itself first with the loss of hydration, tone and elasticity, then with the first skin sagging.

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