Turmeric: how to take it

I prefer to look to the turmeric like a spice even if when I have known all of them beneficial properties the temptation was to consider it a drug. When in doubt, what remains, I began to take it in modest quantities and I must say that it works, especially how anti-inflammatory, but not only. Let's find out together all the benefits that this spice brings with it, benefits if we want to prevent a disease but also if we want to cure it.

Impossible not to notice the aesthetic side of turmeric which, like it or not, gives a very particular color to the dishes we cook, a color ranging from pale yellow to deep yellow, depending on the recipe. It is thanks to turmeric that we can also drinkgolden milk, gold in fact and also because it is rich in properties.

For the uninitiated, this spice is obtained from the root of a perennial plant native to Asia and has been used for many years both in Ayurvedic tradition than in Chinese medicine.

Turmeric: properties

The numerous virtues of this spice - drug are proven by allopathic medicine. One of the first properties to have been discovered, the best known without a doubt, is the anti-inflammatory one, in fact it seems that this powder is able to reduce the level of inflammation borne by the body. This happens thanks to the presence of an active ingredient known as curcumin and defined a natural anticancer.

Having said that, we must not forget that the turmeric it is also a very powerful antioxidant capable of significantly counteracting the production of free radicals by the body. Many consume this spice also because of its detoxifying virtues, many recommend it to those who feel the need to detoxify the liver. In this context it is clear that turmeric sprinkled on a plate is not enough, it is necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

We talked before about the curcumin but we did not mention that this active ingredient also stimulates the production of bile by the liver and is considered a hepatoprotector as well as a blood thinner.

If ingested, turmeric is therefore very useful for purifying the liver, to combat aging and to treat arthritis and muscle aches or joint in general. What if applied to the skin? Again he can do good, thanks to his healing power. Put on wounds, on some dermatological diseases and on insect bites, as well as on light burns, the turmeric it can help them heal.

Turmeric: nutritional values

Not all spices are rich in valuable vitamins and essential minerals for our well-being like this. In the case of turmeric we are faced with a natural source of vitamin C but also of vitamin E and vitamin K. There is also vitamin B6, in large quantities, and this is very important because it is an essential vitamin for the proper functioning of metabolism and neurotransmitters. We also talked about minerals as well as vitamins. In Turmeric there are iron, copper, magnesium, manganese and potassium in fair quantities.

Turmeric: how to take it

It is not complex to take as certain medications but also turmeric should be known to consume, above all because it remains a tasty spice and does not become a substance that we take only because it is good for us. Let's not forget the taste.

Experts, in taste, as well as in nutrition, they advise us to combine this spice with black pepper and a good fat such as, for example, extra virgin olive oil. We can therefore imagine creating a condiment for vegetables but also to flavor meat and fish. There are also those who have gotten smart and started using it as a economic substitute for saffron in pasta dishes and sauces: it costs less and colors in a similar way but has a much more delicate flavor.

Try it, you will like it and you will not regret it the precious gold-colored ingredient, also because turmeric has a similar color that can be admired when used in milk, preparing the famous golden milk or golden milk. From color, but also to taste, when you put it in the boiling water of the pasta it will take on a golden hue and a delicate and characteristic taste. Similarly, a touch of turmeric can be an ingredient that also makes cookies or cake dough special.

Turmeric: contraindications

There is not no particular contraindication when it comes to turmeric and it is assumed that people consume it in reasonable quantities. If, on the other hand, someone, having read all the beneficial effects it has, decides to take exaggerated doses, then no, it should be noted that it can have some side effects. Nothing serious but certainly annoying, and I mean nausea or gastric acidity. This in general, if you are allergic to even just one of the ingredients of which turmeric is composed, then a separate discussion must be made. In this case the golden spice so much valued can cause ulcers, dysentery, nausea, meteorism, stones.

A side effect that is sometimes funny but that on a practical level you need to know concerns color. The one left by turmeric it is very strong and is fixed on the hands, nails, skin in general. While cooking, at least take care not to touch your face to avoid going around for days with a yellowish complexion not particularly attractive.

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