Latex mattress, opinions and advice

Latex mattress, opinionsand advice: for who it is indicated the latex mattress, what are its advantages and how much the costs fluctuate. All useful information for those who have to choose the new mattress and are considering the purchase of a latex one. Comparison with Memory Foam and spring mattresses.

When it comes to mattresses oflatex we refer to a large number of products. Mostly, the models on the market are inlatex foam, that is, a mixture of latex and air. They are not missingnatural latex mattresseswhich have characteristics in themselves that we will analyze later.

Latex mattress, opinions

General feature of latex mattresses is to behypoallergenic. Its shapes are enveloping and manage to provide a good degree of isolation. These are soft mattresses which, at the same time, manage to provide good support.

Betweenopinionsof experts, many recommend paying attention to thickness and choosing mattresses with a consistent core. Choose a mattress of at least 16 cm and with a structure with a density of 60 kg / mc. These are the minimum standards.

Latex or Memory Foam mattress

Latex mattresses, a bit like spring mattresses, are chosen for their rigidity. In addition, unlike thememory foam, the latex exerts a thrust contrary to that of the body providing, consequently, greater support. In short, latex mattresses do not manage to be as rigid as spring mattresses but not as soft and soft as memory foam.

Unlike theMemory Foam mattress, the latex one creates a floating effect because it distributes the weight laterally rather than downwards.

If you are wondering if it isbetter a latex or memory foam mattressIf you prefer to sleep on your side or in a fetal position, you will undoubtedly be better off with a softer mattress such as a Memory Foam model or a soft (and not rigid) spring mattress.

People who sleep in the prone position (on their stomach) should aim directly for an encapsulated spring mattress or choose a more sustained latex mattress.

Finally, if you sleep in a supine position, the best choice is Memory Foam, for the well-being of your spine.

Latex or spring mattress

In the articlespring mattresses, how they are made, we compared the spring mattress with the latex one. For the differences, please read the page just reported.

Latex mattress, advantages and disadvantages

Betweenadvantagesremember that those in latex are the mattresses that pollute less. For environmentalists, there is no shortage of models innatural latex. They are not loud and offer good body support. Amongdisadvantageswe would like to point out that they feel heat, which is less of a problem with natural latex.

Natural latex mattress

Thelatexit can be of 100% natural origin. Unlike thelatex mattressof artificial origin, that of natural origin reacts more sensitively to temperature: it softens with heat and hardens with cold. If you want to avoid this effect, you will have to choose anatural latex mattresswhich has undergone a "vulcanization" process that guarantees greater elasticity in every season.

Latex mattress, costs

A natural latex mattress (of plant origin) can have prices that vary greatly depending on the supplier. To give an example, the double mattress, in natural latex, of the EP20 CE line by Materassi and Dintori, with aloe vera lining, can be bought for 835 euros.

Those looking for a high quality natural latex mattress could be forced to pay a high cost. For example, the photo above shows the Natural Latex mattress, with a 22 cm thick core. It is a mattress with 7 pressure zones so as to accommodate the different parts of the body with different rigidity. The mattress in question has a cost of 1230 euros for the king size 180 x 200 cm, the cost of the single mattress is around 600 euros. For all information, please refer to the official page:Natural Latex.

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