Famous Italian scientists

Some famous scientists are famous for word of mouth, others for anecdotes about them that do not always do justice to the studies they have actually carried out, changing the lives of many of us. I think of Albert Einstein like Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei like Edison. In a roundup of famous scientists we try to dwell on their discoveries by thinking about how many times today we should thank them because they have made possible a life as comfortable as ours. With light, gas and comfort of all kinds.

In most cases we will notice that famous scientists are famous because they had the courage to think "out of the box", it is an explicit invitation to do so, even without becoming a scientist, to discover something new about us and the world.

Famous Italian scientists

Italy, today as then, is flaunting famous scientists, let's go to those furthest from our era like Galileo Galilei, the father of the scientific method that in his intense life contributed to change astronomy by strongly supporting the well-known "Copernican revolution". He was convinced that the Sun was the center and not the earth and he was actually right. We also owe him tools like the telescope that allowed us to discover the four satellites of Jupiter.

Famous believing scientists

Science and religion sometimes "discuss" but they are not lacking in history as in contemporaneity, characters who, although of faith, are also scientists. An example is that of Antonino Zichichi, engaged in research in the field of elementary particle physics but known for his scientific popularization work.

He was President of the World Federation of Scientists as well as of the European Physics Society, of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, influencing its activities with his vision as a believer and Catholic. Another of the famous scientists who has openly been a believer is the physicist Heisenberg, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1932 and among the founders of quantum mechanics.

Famous scientists: light

Many famous scientists have become such studying light and everything related to its diffusion. Let's see some of them starting from Isaac Newton who studied the visible spectrum of light by breaking it down into different colors, just remember the Newton's prism. Another of the famous scientists who has also devoted himself to the study of light is Augustin-Jean Fresnel with its equations relating to refraction, diffraction, reflection and interference.

There is also a team of these famous "luminous" scientists James Clerk Maxwell with its “four equations”, it certainly cannot be forgotten Albert Einstein who in 1915 enunciated his "theory of relativity" and later arrived at the famous formula "E = mc²".

Famous Scientists: Phrases

Let's hear what these famous scientists asked about their vision of life, nature, research.

For the zoologist, the word “creation” has the meaning of a “process whose modalities he is ignorant of”. Charles Darwin

In the manifesto of the racist scientists, which was said to be written or in any case conceived by Mussolini, it was declared that the Jews did not belong to the Italian race.Rita Levi Montalcini

Any brat can kill a flea: all academics in the world are unable to create one. Albert Einstein

The scientist in his laboratory is not only a technician, he is also a child in front of phenomena of Nature that fascinate him like a fairy tale. Marie Curie

The laws of science should be the same for all freely moving observers, regardless of their speed.Stephen Hawking

World famous scientists

Among the famous scientists there is also a woman, indeed, there are and are very many as the book "Girls with numbers" published by Editorial Science and written by Vichi De Marchi and Roberta Fulci. One of them is the good and nice Margherita Hack, an astronomer who spent a lot of time studying the spectra of the stars becoming director of the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste.

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