How to clean carpets naturally

There is a way to clean carpets without damaging the fabrics? Indeed, yes, if we use natural products able to respect the textile texture of the carpet we can avoid nasty surprises!

Many chemicals, in addition to being harmful to the environment, can waste your precious carpet due to overly aggressive agents. On this page we will see just how to clean carpets in a natural way, so as to respect the environment and fabric!

  • - The vacuum cleaner rule

Those who own pets should vacuum clean on a daily basis. Those who live in the countryside should clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner at least three times a week, while for a house in the city, perhaps on an elevated floor, it will be enough to perform this procedure only on a weekly basis. The rule of the vacuum cleaner is simple and consists of using this appliance at minimum power so as not to stress the fabric. This advice is essential for anyone trying to understand how to clean the carpet at home without damaging it.

  • - Barely warm water

For a mild cleaning it is recommended to use a cotton cloth soaked in just warm water, again without any chemical product.

  • Marseille soap

For a more thorough cleaning of the carpet we recommend using Marseille soap, delicate and really able to respect any fabric. Marseille soap is recommended by the carpet manufacturers themselves and can also be used for cleaning fine carpets such as "silk on silk”.

  • Steam cleaning carpets

Steam cleaners can be purchased or rented from specific stores. Cleaning carpets with steam cleaners is recommended when it is essential to remove debris from the fibers and deeper layers of the same carpet.

  • - Vinegar to give new life to colors

In reality, vinegar not only cleans and sanitizes carpets, it also manages to revive the colors of the upholstery. For this purpose, after carefully using the vacuum cleaner on the carpet, pass a rag soaked in pure vinegar following the direction of the fabric. Try not to rub it, just wipe it cleanly and wash (or change) it as it gets dirty. This strategy also acts as a natural moth treatment. To learn more about the topic, we recommend that you read the article How to clean with vinegar.

  • - How to remove stains from carpet

Natural methods can also be used to clean stains off the carpet. Vinegar is an excellent natural degreaser and, when combined with baking soda, can give excellent results. The instructions for removing stains from carpets are simple:
1) Cover the carpet stain with a handful of baking soda
2) Pour a glass of white wine vinegar over the baking soda
3) Let it act for a few minutes of minutes. Increase the action times based on the extent of the stain.
4) When the carpet has dried, remove the bicarbonate residues using a small vacuum cleaner.

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