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Thereroseis defined thequeen of flowers and itsmeaningit is accompanied by legends, traditions and beliefs. Themeaning of the roseit takes various connotations also based on the colors.

Themeaningof the rose goes beyond the simple expression of love.

The legend of the Rose

I have already told you that, in ancient Greece, the origins of each flower were associated with the Divine work. La Calla was born by the Goddess Era (goddess of the Earth), the Orchid was born for the events related to Dionysus (God of ecstasy and wine), the sunflower was born by the will of Apollo (God of the Sun) ... for the queen of flowers, on the other hand, it took several deities. It is clear that theroseis more than asymbolgiven the historical interest it has always aroused.

Legend has it that whileChlorines(the nymph of Spring) walked in the woods, stumbled upon the lifeless body of a nymph. Chloris, taken by pity, asked the goddess of beauty and love to bring the body of the Nymph back to life.

Aphrodite could not bring the dead back to life, so she transformed the lifeless nymph into a beautiful flower: onerose. Here comes themeaning of the rose, first shaped by Aphrodite symbol par excellence ofbeauty and love.

Dionysus also became passionate about the story, giving it a sweet and fragrant nectar (that's why roses are a symbol of intoxicating love). The goddesses of vegetation (the Greek Charites or the three Graces), taken by pity, decided to add charm and charm to the flower.

Allarosethere seemed to be nothing missing, thanks to the Charites, Aphrodite and Dionysus, therosehad already becomesymbolof:

  • Beauty
  • love
  • Charming
  • Inebriation

Allarosesomething was still missing. Thus also intervened Zephyr (god of the wind) and Apollo (God of the Sun). Zephyr gave strength and vigor, spreading the seed of the plant while Apollo swept away the clouds to ensure that the rose was kissed by the sun and that it could be illuminated with its rays. That's why thepink expressesalso strength and spiritual elevation (light)

Rose: meaning of the flower

As stated, themeaningof the rose goes far beyond the simple expression of love. Many associate the rose with the symbol of love. Among the flowers, the symbol of absolute love (even if tormented) is the tulip: the rose, on the other hand, contains ameaningeven more profound as told with the Greek legend.

THEsymbolsenclosed in therosethey are very complex as is its history. To summarize, themeaningof theroseIt is associated with:

  • Beauty
  • Enchantment
  • Vanity
  • Sensuality
  • Fortitude
  • love

As stated, there are differences inmeaningexpressed according to the different colors.

Red rose: meaning

Still in Greek mythology, there is another legend associated withrose. In this particular affair therose is redand takes themeaningoflove that wins over everything, of the love that wins even over death. Thismeaningpeculiar is associated withRed rose.

Aphrodite is involved in this story once again. Aphrodite, goddess of Beauty and Love, fell in love with a hunter: Adonis. Adonis is an emblem of beauty. During a hunting trip, Adonis du attacked by a boar and died.

Aphrodite, running towards her beloved, wounded herself in a thorn bramble and from her blood someRed roses. Zeus, moved by the story and the pain of Aphrodite, granted Adonis to live another four months in Hades, four months in the world of the living and another four months where he would have preferred. This is why themeaning of the red roseit is of Love that overcomes all adversities, of love that wins over everything and also of rebirth of a love that seemed lost.

White rose: meaning

ThereWhite Roseissymbolof love, strength of mind and spiritual elevation. White refers to candor and purity: therefore we speak of a platonic, indissoluble and spiritual love.

When theWhite Roseis given in a bouquet of flowers where jasmine is also present, assumes themeaningfaithful. In the Christian religion, theWhite Roseit is a symbol of purity and virginity.

Black rose: symbol

Thereblack Roseis often the subject of a large number oftatoo, but what does a black rose mean? The black rose does not exist in nature and insymbolismit is the antipodes of the white rose.

If the white rose is a symbol of innocence and candor, the black rose is a symbol of torment. This subject is sometimes chosen for atattoo.

The black rose is also aesoteric symbol: associated with dark beauty and black magic. It is also a symbol of anarchy. For all the details: black rose, meaning.

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