Red rose: meaning

Let's examine themeaning of the red rosein the language of flowers and in Greek mythology. What does it mean to give red roses and which flowers to combine them with.

As I explained to you in the article "rosa: meaning“, This flower is associated with different symbols and its meaning changes according to the color. All roses are symbols of love, strength and charm. On this page we will focus in particular onmeaning of the red rose and its origins.

Red rose: meaning

What does the red rose mean? ThereRed roseit is the symbol of love that wins over everything, of love capable of overcoming even death.

Thereroseis defined the "queen of flowers", in Greek mythology there are several legends associated with this flower and there is also one on the genesis ofRed rose. To explain themeaning of the red roseI will exploit the Greek mythology and in particular the myth of Adonis, symbol of beauty and mortality.

Red rose: legend and mythology

The figure of Adonis is undoubtedly among the most complex of classical times. In different periods Adonis assumed different roles and anemones grew from his blood. So why is the myth of Adonis associated with Red roses? Because he joined Aphrodite after tormented battles.

Adonis was a young man with a bewitching beauty, his charm was so strong that not even Aphrodite, the goddess of Love, was able to escape. Aphrodite had to contend the young man with Persephone (wife of Hades and therefore minor goddess of the underworld). Aphrodite went to great lengths to enter Adonis life until she neglected the rituals of her temple and her old love passions.

Aphrodite, in turn, was fought over by Apollo and was the lover of Ares, the God of War. Apollo and Ares, jealous of the ardor that Aphrodite had for Adonis, were the architects of a spell. Adonis, during one of his hunting trips, was killed by a wild boar. Aphrodite, running madly towards her body, wounded herself in a thorn bramble and splendidRed roses.

Splendid Anemones originated from the body of Adonis.

Zeus, moved by Aphrodite's pain, decided to give a new life to Adonis even if under certain conditions. Zeus allowed Adonis to live four months in the kingdom of Hades (where Persephone was), four months in the kingdom of the living (with Aphrodite) and four months in a kingdom of his choice.

For this legend, theRed roseissymbol of the most tenacious love, of love capable of overcoming every difficulty, every battle.

Think that in this paragraph I gave you the summary of the story: the difficulties faced by Aphrodite to join Adonis were numerous. Aphrodite and Adonis had several children together even if it is said that the same Goddess, to attract Adonis to herself, exploited a spell.

To emphasize themeaning of the red roselike love that wins over everything, this flower can be associated with a bouquet full of anemones.

Red rose: political symbol

Flowers can also have a political significance, just as the red carnation is the symbol of the democratic party, the black rose is a symbol of anarchy (for further information, "black rose: meaning"),Red rose, held in a fist, is a symbol of socialism.

Socialism is a set of ideas that points to the transformation of society in the direction of equality, without economic disparities between the various social classes. Socialism can be understood as an economic system that thinks of the whole population, overcoming the concept of social classes. In this context, therefore, theRed roseis interpreted assymbolof equality, respect and strength.

Red rose: mystical and esoteric meaning

ThereRed rose, for several reasons, is associated with themasonry. The reality, however, cannot be identified as a "Masonic meaning" but more in generating a mystical meaning linked to the Rosicrucian Order, the Ancient and Mystical Rosea Crucis Order.

This order is described as a "large organization" present around the world and operating in 19 different languages. Thesymbolof this secret order is precisely theRed rose. Just like themasonry, the existence of this order would be secret, however, operations carried out by the Ancient and Mystical Rosea Crucis Order ended up in reports drawn up by the Parliamentary Commission on sects in France.

This secret society, of immemorial origins, seems to have originated long before theMasonry.In literatureesoteric, this order is often reported as the successor to the Knights of the Grail and the Knights Templar.

The symbol of order is a gold cross with a single red rose in the center.

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