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A little for the smell, a little for the aesthetic side and partly also hoping that if they are cleaner they are also healthier, we can find ourselves using dog wipes. Are they really useful? How to choose them and why? Let's see what the experts think and also those who have tried this solution "on the field" not always appreciated by our four-legged fellow travelers. Some interpret them as a fragrant and fresh caress, while others feel robbed of their own smell and do not like them at all. wipes on their fur.

One thing is certain, in every season but especially in the hottest ones there is a need to clean legs and private parts every day and you cannot use the garden water hose, assuming you have one, as if nothing had happened. The dog wipes they can be a solution in some dogs, provided that you buy them of the right brand and with the correct characteristics so as not to be unwelcome, so as not to be interpreted as a weapon of the enemy.

Dog wipes: are they needed?

Partly yes, partly no, they can also be harmful, all of it depends on the frequency of use and the type of towel that is used. We will naturally think of being able to apply them as if they were wipes for our personal hygiene or for that of a newborn but this is not the case. The dog wipes they are a special product that must not be "humanized".

It is very important to check what they contain, moreover, and don't be fooled by names and the aromas that they may contain: we are not perfuming the dog to take it to a dog party but we want to clean it and this must be our only goal.

Wet wipes contain chemicals, allergens, preservatives and fragrances that can also be harmful to human skin, if we then think of them applied to the skin of dogs, the situation can only get worse. Using those for humans, on dogs, is definitely forbidden, but also among the many types of wipes for dogs ad hoc it is good to learn to make a careful analysis and choose those that will not irritate even the most sensitive dog.

Wet and perfumed dog wipes

If for us and our personal hygiene we are free to choose the fragrances we love most, especially if our skin is not among the most sensitive, we cannot act in the same way for dogs. The more scented, the more wet wipes are to be avoided.

When the wipes are wet they usually contain soap and it must be tolerated by dogs who will certainly not like the fragrances that are often invented to make dog wipes more agreeable to their masters. This is the fact: the wipes must not please us, they must not superimpose exotic fragrances on the smells of our dog to do us a favor, but they must clean the animal without irritating it, on the skin and in a psychological sense.

A dog does not willingly give up its smell, least of all if there is one wipe that threatens to perfume him like a bergamot or a little rose. Let us remember that many smells that are very pleasant for us for dogs are annoying and irritating, the same goes for cats, it is a matter of taste.

Before moving on to the experts' opinion, another small observation on wet dog wipes. When they are too bad or contain bad quality soaps, there is a risk that if used often they lead to yellowing of the dog's coat which may also become dull. The opposite effect of what we want.

Dog wipes: opinions

Personally I don't use that often dog wipes despite having two and also quite dirty, one would say, being two wild females, one with white fur and one with cream-colored fur. There are, however quality wipes, odorless, very effective especially when it comes to cleaning the dog and freshening it up after a walk. They are products used a lot by those who, after a ride in the park, have to enter the house with their dog and the paws are to be cleaned.

They can also be used for the daily cleaning of dogs that come to accept their use if we make it pass for a caress, a cuddle, a daily habit. In any case it is always better to opt for some dog wipes made of cotton, sanitizers and DO NOT humidify that can be used dry or with a little water, to remove everyday dirt but also to disinfect wounds or clean particularly delicate areas such as eyes, ears and private parts.

Dog wipes: the best

Let's see three types of wipes that our friends may like. There are Pogi wipes for biodegradable, fragrance-free, natural grooming, specially designed for dogs that can be purchased on Amazon, a pack of 100 costs 15 euros.

Also on Amazon we find the Camon wipes hygienic for both dogs and cats, a pack of 100 pieces costs only € 4.50 and wipes are also suitable for puppies, for the hygiene of intimate areas as well as for the muzzle and fur in general. The packaging also makes them suitable to keep in the car for cleaning on the go.

The odorin they are odorless dog wipes also suitable for cats and that help the owner in the daily cleaning of the plantar pads, interdigital spaces and skin folds, eliminating unpleasant odors.

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