Toad bufo bufo, characteristics

Thetoad bufo bufoit is very common in our countryside. Several subspecies have been observed of the bufo bufo, an example is theBufo bufo spinosus, characterized by spurs on the head, white spots a greater length than the Bufo Bufo species.

Toad bufo bufo: dimensions

The common toad has a length of 10 - 12 cm, however there are some particularly large specimens that measure up to 20 cm. The dimensions of the subspecies Bufo bufo spinosus, for example, are considerable and here a female can weigh more than 150 grams.

On average, itoads bufo bufopresent on our territory they weigh between 30 - 50 gr (males) and between 50 - 100 gr (for females).

Thebufo bufoit has a stocky body, covered by warty glands on the upper side. The head is wide and rounded and it is on the head that there are two acorns capable of producing apoison.

Difference between frog and toad

Toads and frogsthey belong to the same family, that Bufonidae, however they are different animals. There are strong differences between frog and toad. They are two different animals both morphologically and in habits. The frog spends most of its life in water while the toad spends most of its life on the land and remains in the water only during the mating and egg laying phases.

Both toads and frogs have smooth skin to the touch ... however, the surface of the toad may appear wrinkled to the eye. At sight, the frog's surface appears smooth! The paws of thefrogsthey tend to be more stocky while those of frogs are adapted for swimming.

Other behaviors that can make you understand if you are dealing with onefrog or toadthey lie precisely in the approach with man. If you approach a toad, it tends to remain immobile. The frog, on the other hand, is more shy and would immediately jump away.

THEfrogs, including the bufo bufo, has glands capable of secreting one poisonous substance that covers the body and uses it as a defense.

Among other differences, I would like to point out that the spawning of both occurs in water but the frog eggs are laid to form clusters, while those of the toad (including the bufo bufo) form filaments or chains. The frog is often confused with the green toad.

In the photo below, thetoad bufo bufoduring pairing.

Is the bufo bufo toad poisonous to humans?

The poison that covers the skin serves to ward off predators. Is it dangerous for humans? Not to the touch. Toad venom is only irritating to the mucous membranes… unless you want to put a toad in your mouth or rub it on your eyes… you can rest assured!

The poison of thetoad bufo bufo is hallucinogenic?
Among the substances secreted by its glands is bufotenin, a molecule with hallucinogenic effects. In California there was a fashion to lick the dorsal area of ​​some species of toads (including Bufo bufo) and frogs to take on this molecule.

Fun Fact: In an episode of The Simpsons, Homer, during a trip to Australia, licks toads to take advantage of their hallucinogenic effects.

Bufo bufo in the garden

The presence of the bufo bufo toad in the garden is absolutely favorable. Thecommon toadit often reaches gardens, parks, courtyards, countryside… it can also settle in humid cellars and human buildings.

Its presence in the vegetable garden or garden is positive because thebufo toadit is an excellent parasite eater. It feeds on insects, spiders, snails, worms ... it has crepuscular habits (it hunts at night) and in the garden it can clear away harmful insects and parasite larvae.

If you want to attract this toad, just keep the area moist and rich in vegetation. The toad is not attracted to plowed fields or vineyards.

On the contrary, if you wantdrive away toadsfrom home or garden, know that in nature there are many predators that act as a repellent. Cats, dogs, crows, herons, snakes… they are all animals that feed on toads. Of course, you can't host a grass snake in the garden, however a friendly cat will help you get rid of any toads.

The presence of open country roads poses a threat to the toad communities. In fact, during the annual migrations, many toads end up crushed by passing cars. For this reason, ducts (small underpasses) have been created in some neighborhoods to allow the transit and migration of toads. These steps are used by frogs, toads, newts, and many other amphibians.

If in our country thecommon toadit is not at risk of extinction, it is included in the red list of neighboring countries such as Austria and Switzerland. The photo below shows an underpass for the transit of toads and a warning sign that warns of the presence of possible toads in the migration phase (in the summer, they move to reach more humid areas following the drying out of the puddles of water previously colonized).

Video: Bufo Alvarius Toad Medicine - Sonora, Mexico 2018 (May 2021).