Baby food: the best

It is possible to prepare homogenized even at home and it is an increasingly frequent practice as it saves money and can be assured that ingredients are all natural and quality. Not to mention the fact that you can choose the flavors that we decide to let our children taste.

We are in the weaning phase and this means that it is time to change the diet of our little ones through the introduction of homogenized. It is therefore worthwhile, in every sense, to learn how to prepare genuine ones, we will discover together that it is not that difficult and can even be fun once we become practical.

It is also good to know that the homogenized they can be frozen, be they meat, vegetables and fish. Let's put them in vacuum jars and place them in the freezer, it will last us about 6 months, in the fridge instead they can only stay 24 hours. This rule does not apply to those with fruit which in fact must be consumed within 24 hours and if you want to freeze it is good to ask the pediatrician if it is possible to do so. It depends on the type of fruit we are using.

Homogenized fruit

Let's start with the "Fruit" taste which is not a taste so to speak, real fruit is used, usually in part with pear and apple before expanding to others. You can use both for the same baby food or just one of the two. Taken the fruits and peeled, remove all the cores and cut them into small pieces and then steam everything for 7-10 minutes. We have to make sure that you do soften before using a blender or a blender to prepare the real homogenized which is practically ready. For those with fruit, there is also the possibility of adding rice cream after asking advice to a pediatrician.

Homogenized meat

For the homogenized meat we have much more choice in terms of tastes because we can vary between chicken, beef, turkey and rabbit. The important thing is to select parts that do not include bones or cartilage and that they are free of fat. Also in this case we use steam cooking to keep the nutritional properties of the meat intact, for this we can use a steamer or alternatively a steamer basket. When the meat is boiled and soft, cut it into small pieces and put it in the blender, we can add a little vegetable broth, 100 ml of vegetable broth and extra virgin olive oil. Blending we will obtain a smooth and very tasty cream.

Adult baby food

There are cases where even adults need to eat baby food at times due to age, other times for a short time due to health problems. It is therefore worth learning to cook them using fish as well. Not all types are suitable, it is usually recommended to use theand sole, or cod or hake, at least when it comes to starting to wean a child, while for adults it can vary right away and much more.

For the homogenized fish, the process is identical to that for the meat, so it is enough that we clean the fish well and steam, then we can blend it together with the vegetables we used to prepare the broth. Nothing could be easier and the results will be excellent immediately, I'm sure.

Better baby food

Among the best and most appreciated baby food are those with vegetables, usually prepared with carrots, potatoes, courgettes and celery. Take a carrot, a potato, a courgette and a small piece of celery by boiling them together without adding salt. It will take about an hour to get the softness you need and then pass it all in a blender.

For the vegetables we can use a vegetable mill, also, as long as we do not already have a homogenizer at home, the important thing is to remember to add broth as you go so that the various ingredients blend in the best possible way.

During the weaning phase, we can gradually add new flavors and with vegetables we can also range from artichokes, spinach, chard, always introducing one vegetable at a time, week after week. Once the baby food is ready, we can add extra virgin olive oil, if the pediatrician also recommends it to us pasta or weaning creams.

Baby food: prices

Let's see the prices of the products that are on the market to understand how convenient it is to prepare these foods at home. We can look at the prices of baby food of meat. Plasmon offers 24 jars of 80 grams of beef-based products for 22 euros while Mellin with veal has a price of 20 euros. A little less.

If we go to see the vegetable ones, we find 24 jars from 80 grams to 10 euros, by Nipiol. We are certainly now more convinced than before that we want to prepare them at home, so here is thehomogenizer of which we have spoken, a device that can also be easily purchased online at 35 euros, with a capacity of 400 ml.

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