German shepherd puppies: my experience

German shepherd puppies: my experience - When I decided to go to Alvignano, a small village not far from Caserta, I did not imagine the surprise I would feel in arriving in such a place. As soon as I leave the highway, I find myself immersed in the green of the Trebulani mountains, in a small village perched on a hill, few houses and lots of greenery. I almost have the feeling of being in a town in Northern Italy, on the border with Switzerland. With a gaze enraptured by the colors of nature, I ask the locals to show me the way to reach the German Shepherd Breeding of Casa Falcone, destination of my journey.

To welcome me I find the whole Falcone family, Gaetano and Michele Falcone and Rosanna de Matteo, who have successfully managed this wonderful place for years. They accompany me throughout my visit to the breeding, and the more time I spend in this place, the more I have the feeling of being in a breeding in Germany, land of origin of the marvelous german shepherd puppiesbred by the Falcone family. Expanses of greenery, luxuriant nature and perfectly arranged structures welcome the puppies, who since birth live in a protected and functional environment for the needs of their first months of life.

The history of Casa Falcone's breeding begins 15 years ago, from the passion and love for animals that led this family to manage one of the best German shepherd farms in all of Italy. A long way has been made since the first litter in 2001, a path full of satisfactions and successes, but the result of dedication and constant commitment, since as Gaetano Falcone immediately tells us: “Raising a German Shepherd puppy is not a game. Each dog enriches the family that owns it, we grow together. It is a unique experience that requires the time and constant attention to be devoted to your puppy ". The experience of years and years dedicated to work and the desire to learn every day, making the breeding the main point of reference for those who decide to buy a German Shepherd puppy, shines through as he describes his activity. "To date we have customers from all over Italy, our puppies are super in demand because from birth we assist them with the necessary care "- Michele Falcone tells us - "With the assistance of experts and professionals in the sector. We accompany them in the first 50 days of life and we try to give future owners all the fundamental information ”.

Arriving on a hectic day, the Falcone family awaits a group of people, all possible future buyers who have decided to visit the kennel and decide whether or not to buy one of the puppies. Periodically the Falcone family organizes visits, with the purpose of give to customers immediately the opportunity to meet the puppies and to see the place where they grew up. This will certainly be one of the reasons for their success, which explains how customers from all over Italy consider the Falcone family as a synonym of guarantee. Even after purchasing the puppy, they stay in contact with the owners who turn to them for any information. "We try to establish a relationship of trust with our customers. Trust which above all means following them both before and after the purchase of the puppy "- says Rosanna de Matteo - "We put our experience at their disposal."

The main reason that pushed us to get to Alvignano, are long-haired German Shepherd puppies of the Breeding, the flagship of Casa Falcone. Since the FCI has admitted this variety, the Falcone family has decided to devote himself to these splendid specimens with particular attention. Michele accompanies us to a field not far from the entrance, not even time to turn the corner that we see the two wonderful ones running towards us long-haired puppies that we have long waited to know.

It is difficult to explain the emotion one feels in holding a dog that is less than two months old in your arms. It took us a few moments together with the two puppies to realize that once you have decided to buy a puppy, it is enough to play with it even for a few moments to understand that it is impossible to go back from the decision made. That is the moment when a new, fuller and more joyful life begins. A puppy fills the days and there is nothing more beautiful than returning home after a day of work, knowing that there is your dog waiting for its owner to play together. "When our customers see the puppies remain speechless"- says Gaetano Falcone -"In particular i long haired german shepherd puppies are lately the most requested. They are unique examples and we want to make the future owner understand the commitment he is making. The attitude of those who after the first months, after the initial enthusiasm has passed, leave the dog to itself is wrong. A dog requires care and attention, especially the German Shepherd. It has a lot of potential that cannot be neglected ”.

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