Modern wood-burning or electric fireplace: what to choose

To make or have a modern fireplace you have a wide choice of coverings but you can also choose what type of fireplace we want, albeit modern, in terms of "power". Wood? Pellet? Or electric? We do not assume that a modern fireplace cannot be wood-burning and vice versa, because today there are solutions that are right for us. if we want a fireplace wood but that has a design suitable for a home or an innovative and essential environment.

The modern fireplace it is a piece of furniture and at the same time it is also a kind of part of the heating system. And it is also a symbol of warmth and intimacy, of light and of sharing unforgettable moments, to be spent alone or in company. It depends on our lifestyle and on style of furniture.

Modern corner fireplace

The angled ones is one of the most often requested fireplaces because we imagine an intimate corner of the house to be used as a sitting room perhaps for chats with friends or to read a book or a newspaper in peace alone in the company of a lazy cat or a faithful (and lazy too) dog.

The corner fireplace make the house more welcoming, it can have a very different design, size and coating, it all depends on us. It is among the most requested scenographic solutions and, compared to the wall fireplace, in fact, takes advantage of the intersection of two walls. Turns out. to the eye, more discreet, but allows ample adaptability to the context and furnishings and the optimization of spaces

It can also do from support for shelves on which to place ornaments and frames, books and travel souvenirs. A modern corner fireplace can have various types of coating, there are no particular constraints.

Modern wood-burning fireplace

As mentioned, a modern fireplace may very well be wood burning without necessarily looking like an element of the era, or vintage. There are many models of wood and pellet fireplaces that are very popular also because they save on heating, as well as being fascinating and creating an atmosphere.

There are modern wood-burning fireplaces truly extraordinary, almost futuristic, my advice is therefore to explore the many variations before giving up the wood-burning fireplace, one of the best.

Modern fireplace: lining

We really find many possibilities to choose from even if we exclude the most trivial, when we want a modern fireplace in the house. Marble, travertine, stainless steel, painted metal and glass are just some of the possible coatings. The important thing is that the basic requirements are met, such as that they are materials that withstand high temperatures and temperature changes and that do not alter over time.

THE stone or marble fireplaces they are still in great demand, but younger and less obvious alternatives are also making their way. For example, fireplaces in Majolica, steel and plasterboard are spreading. Why not? After all, they must adapt well to our furniture and to our idea of ​​a fireplace.

Once we are certain that the modern fireplace that we choose is safe and solid, then we can really indulge ourselves and just go to a shop that deals with fireplaces to understand what cannot be invented to warm the atmosphere when winter arrives, in a pleasant way also from an aesthetic point of view and not just thermal

Modern electric fireplace

There are also i electric fireplaces that for various reasons that we are not investigating, they may also be the only possible choice. There is no complain because they are not bad at all. Just look at this, for sale on Amazon for just over 100 euros, on the wall, modern. Then one wonders how to clean a fireplace and where to buy an ash vacuum cleaner.

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