Washing without detergent: TerraWash arrives

Wash without detergent it does not mean giving up hygiene. Once upon a time perhaps yes, but today, with innovative methods and products, or the rediscovery of natural and traditional ones that we had forgotten, it is not at all. Washing without detergent and with excellent results is possible and allows us to pollute less, also leaving the environment in which we live clean and not just the clothes we wear.

Washing without detergent: TerraWash arrives

It comes from Japan, TerraWash, and if you try it, you immediately understand that it can revolutionize the way we do laundry, allowing us to wash clothing in an economical and ecological way. Moreover, it is a hypoallergenic product and reusable for over 365 washes, so practically for more than a year. Think about how much less pollution in rivers, seas, waters and air.

Thanks to an innovative Japanese technology, TerraWash is up to 10 times more effective in eliminating odors than traditional detergents, it is not a slogan but the result of tests made ad hoc precisely to test this important need of those who wash sweaty clothes for sports or cold sweats.

Able to eliminate mold, germs and bacteria deriving from detergent residues that settle in the washing machine, TerraWash on the contrary has no chemicals in it so even children and people with particularly sensitive skin can use it without fear. Laundry done with this special product turns out fresh and odorless,moreover, when it is used, no foam is created and therefore the rinsing phase is not necessary.

Washing without detergent: how to do it

One pack can be used several times a day without losing effectiveness. It's important never combine this product with chlorine-based bleach or acid-based products such as vinegar or citric acid, on the other hand, it can be mixed with detergents, just avoid chlorine-based ones and prepare a mix that allows you to reduce the amount of detergent or soap to less than half.

Containing no chemicals, nor toxic, TerraWash certainly does not damage clothes, anzi, it protects the fabrics while preserving fibers and colors, for those in organic cotton it proves to be really winning. Once purchased, fits in the drum of any washing machine together with the laundry, checking that the load does not exceed 8 kg with any water hardness and any temperature.

Washing without detergent: benefits for the environment

If you decide to wash without detergent, i the benefits for the environment are truly numerous. A product like TerraWash in fact, while removing dirt like traditional detergents and eliminating odors much more effectively, does not pollute at all. In his "recipe" there are no chemicals, the magnesium present has natural origins and makes up 0.15% of the human body and 0.13% of the ocean water.

It does not harm the environment or even those with sensitive skin, after one year of use, you can release the magnesium contained in Terra Wash in the garden or in flower pots making the soil more fertile. It is a non-detergent that acts as a fertilizer!

Washing without detergent: economic benefits

Being reusable for 365 washes, it is clear that TerraWash saves us a lot, plus it allows us to use both less electricity and less water, avoiding rinsing. The savings opportunities are not over: by not causing irritation, this way of washing without detergent also removes any risk of having to treat skin irritations and allergies. Made in Japan with the use of innovative and patented technologies in Japan, TerraWash provides the "satisfied and refunded" formula within 15 days at 100% and without any expense.

Washing without detergent: the story of TerraWash

For those curious to know the story of TerraWash, here she is. It was Giuseppe Re who fell in love with it and brought it to Italy, founding “The Wellness Store”. Before this activity, he dedicated himself to the export of rice, a typical cereal of the area where the new company is also based, in Pezzana (VC). Even in the headquarters, there is a green air because it is housed in a low consumption and self-sufficient building from an energy point of view, certified in class A by Casa Clima. The presence of TerraWash in Italy is pure chance, it is thanks to a chance meeting that Re had in Germany that inspired and encouraged him to open a e-commerce store of these magnesium balls, to try.

Washing without detergent with TerraWash: our test

As always, before recommending a product we test it directly and in this case the TerraWash test was performed by our Managing Director, Matteo Di Felicethat with its frequent washing of technical products for running was curious to check if TerraWash was really able to clean and deodorize even particularly “difficult” items of clothing without using detergents.

Here is her story of how it went ...

“I ran the TerraWash test with two different product groups: technical running garments in black or similar, “traditional underwear for the whole family”. In both cases the result was absolutely excellent! Clean and deodorized clothes. Honestly I stayed surprised especially as regards the technical garments which, as those who use it know, have a very bad persistent smell and resistant to "delicate" washing. At the same time they cannot be treated aggressively for avoid damaging the properties of the fabric.

With TerraWash I have found a solution that I will certainly continue to use, given the effectiveness that is added to the factor of avoid the use of detergents with the consequent implication of protecting the environment (remember that detergents are among the major polluting sources!) and the domestic economy. Given the lifespan of TerraWash the initial investment to purchase it is certainly amortized when you think about the cost of detergents.

One final consideration on the product: the TerraWash white “bag” it is solid and well made, which makes me think that there should be no problems related to wear (* the manufacturer guarantees it for at least 365 washes and after over 500,000 pieces sold). So far there has not been no claims for bag breakage. If not, however, I will let you know soon by integrating this article! "

TerraWash wins the most innovative product award for the GreenLifeStyle category at SANA. The news of the award as the most innovative product in the GreenLifeStyle category awarded at SANA 2017 testifies to the goodness of TerraWash. The award was awarded by two bloggers from the Eco sector, Martino Goberti of GreenPlanet and Lucia Cuffaro, of Autoproduciamo.

We had already recently written about this award in our article dedicated toSANA 2017.

Where to buy TerraWash

In case you are interested in more information on TerraWash and possibly to buy one to try it, you can visit the official website exclusive official dealer of TerraWash in Italy.

TerraWash is also available on Amazon.

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