Alopecia: causes and natural remedies

L'alopecia it is a rather unpleasant disorder that can have very different causes depending on the type from which we are affected. There are pharmacological treatments and also natural remedies to accompany you to make sure that we are as effective as possible. Let's see what it is and how we can change the our food and our lifestyle habits in order to "discourage" alopecia.

Alopecia: what it is

With this term we want to indicate the degradation of the quality of hair and hair and their progressive thinning or disappearance. This word comes from the Greek "alōpex" which means fox, an animal that typically sheds its coat in patches.

There are different forms of this disorder that we will soon explore, as a whole it is a condition that affects a large slice of the world population. This is a physical problem but it can cause big problems psychological and relational problems, as it is easy to imagine.

The time has come to investigate what is meant by alopecia discovering the different varieties that exist, because this isolated term is too generic and does not make it clear what kind of disorder we want to describe, its causes and symptoms.

Alopecia: causes

There are four major types - androgenetic, aerated, scarring and chemotherapeutic - and each of them has different causes and characteristics. Let's start with the most common form, from androgenetic which we can also call baldness. It strikes 80% of men which show a progressive thinning of the hair starting from the temples and gradually involving the whole skull. Even 40-50% of women can be affected, especially in the period following menopause.

In this case, a diffuse hair thinning at the top of the head except in the region above the ears. If you do not take decisive action, androgenetics progresses relentlessly and faster and faster, especially if you are already predisposed. It is a related disorder hormonal problems, to an excessive sensitivity of the hair follicles to androgens. This is exactly what weakens the hair and makes it look like faint hair, exactly the opposite of what happens during puberty.

Let's move on to another form of alopecia, the aerated one which consists in the partial or total loss of hair, hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. This time we are talking about one autoimmune disease in which it is the immune system that attacks the hair follicles, by mistake, one could say, but leading to both hair and hair loss. This type of alopecia it usually occurs as a result of a genetic predisposition, during childhood or adolescence because these are the phases in which the immune defenses can undergo upheavals.

There is also chemotherapy-induced alopecia. As the name easily suggests it is a related disorder anticancer drug therapies, there is also cicatricial alopecia which is the destruction of hair follicles due to inflammatory diseases.

We left the benign, also called, form for last "Telogen effluvium". This affects everyone but it is an episodic form, it manifests itself in correspondence with "particular" situations such as sudden weight loss, high fever, surgery or drug treatments. These are situations in which the body simply reacts by preserving the most important organs and "taking away" energy from the hair

Alopecia: natural remedies

Let's now see some natural remedies to be combined with the drug therapy that the doctor can prescribe. There cinnamon it is a useful spice against alopecia but if we want to experiment with powders we can try the Shikakai, an Indian powder to wash your hair with. It is obtained from an Asian plant, theAcacia concinna, but we can find it for sale in the form of a powder to be mixed obviously with water. A compound with a certain consistency should be prepared that can be applied to the hair and scalp to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.

Let's move on to the seeds: those of flax and fenugreek are useful. The former are rich in lecithin which strengthens hair and makes them brilliant, they should be used ground and added to the water three times a week. With flax seeds, on the other hand, a compress must be prepared to massage on the skin for strengthen hair, improve circulation and relieve any redness or itching.

Among the oils, we are particularly interested insesame oil and coconut oil. Sesame oil is to be massaged before shampooing and left to act for a few minutes to strengthen the hair, while coconut oil should be massaged in the areas where alopecia occurs, always before shampooing, and must act 30.

To prevent hair loss, it is also suggested to go there licorice root, not to eat but to be used to prepare a strong decoction with which to massage the skin.

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