Red gladiolus: how to grow it and its meaning

The red gladiolus is a beautiful flower suitable for people of character. It is not a particularly romantic flower, although it is red which is the color of love, but it is a flower interesting to give and that has a lot to say. It is not difficult to grow, if you want to keep it in the garden, and it certainly will make us look great.

Red gladiolus

The gladiolus, very simply said gladiolus in the scientific world, it belongs to Iridaceae family. It is a plant native to central Europe, especially the Mediterranean area, and northern Africa. It was in his day Pliny the Elder to give the name to this flower, which has remained so to this day, and it is interesting to know that it derives from the Latin term gladiolum.

Gladiolum in Latin it means small sword And it is not a case. Just look at the red gladiolus to see how it looks like a small sword thanks to the shape of the thin and elongated leaves. The Roman army that at the time of the Romans used small short swords that were called gladius, the fact that the gladiolus is red it makes you think of the most grim types like me, of bloody swords.

Gladiolus: meaning

Known since ancient times, the plant of gladiolus for several centuries it remained only in the spontaneous state, the only ones to use it in some way were the young women who had noticed how it could be transformed into an ornament, for hair or even for clothes. Over the years, the tradition of using the red gladiolus during wedding ceremonies: they were the bride's friends who placed a crown of gladiolus flowers, red or other colors on their heads,

This flower was a sign of joy, a message of happiness addressed to the friend who was going to the altar. The fact that i flowers made up a wreathHowever, it also provides a message of sadness because in a sense the bride's friends experienced a sort of separation from the woman who from that moment on would be a wife before a friend. Always according to the theories of several centuries ago.

For many years we therefore find the red gladiolus used in the decorative, ornamental field. We have to wait until the second half of the nineteenth century to see this flower object of attention and studies by botanists who in a few decades have begun to create and give us beautiful hybrids with splendid colors.

Red gladiolus in the language of plants

If we go through one of those texts in which the messages that every plant or flower carries with it one realizes how the red gladiolus or of another color in general symbolizes the strength of character and respect for strong characters, even if at the same time, by contrast to the previous meaning, it also represents distrust.

When we have a red gladiolus we have a very strong message because the color can only reinforce what the flower already symbolizes by itself with its being of a certain aggressive and decisive shape.

When you go to give gladiolus flowers you want to tell that you have been impressed by the person you are giving it to. What do you mean? Is it a compliment or a negative sign? The gladiolus is a sword and it strikes in the negative, but it is also true that in all respects it is a flower for which it is given not to communicate hatred or antipathy, or worse still resentment. However, it remains ambiguous to give gladioli, I in doubt, for fear of being misunderstood, I would attach a beautiful phrase about friendship so as not to be misinterpreted.

Gladiolus communis

There are several qualities of very commercialized gladioli, they are the gladiolus byzantinus, the gladiolus grandis, the gladiolus psittacinus and the gladiolus tristis. The first named, gladiolus byzantinus is native to regions with a very hot climate, reaches a height of 70 cm and blooms in June, producing magenta flowers. Now let's see the others gradually.

Gladiolus grandis

Originally from South Africa, this flower can also reach a height of 60 cm, it blooms in July and August and thrives in warm climates. Its flowers once blossomed, during the day, have a very dark brick red color but at night, from sunset onwards, they become pale light blue color. The next morning, as if nothing had happened, they present themselves to our eyes in brick red. In total the flowers last 4 days and 4 nights, after which they wither and fall

Gladiolus psittacinus

Originally from Southern Africa, it is also known as parrot gladiolus. This flower reaches one and a half meters in height, blooms in July and does so giving us a beautiful yellow with bright red spots.

Gladiolus tristis

Still native to Southern Africa, this gladiolus is smaller, does not exceed half a meter in height and does not bloom late but already in May. Make gods very fragrant flowers yellow with shades of red on the outside. From this variety you can get many hybrids, with splendid colors.

Gladiolus in Italy

On the Italian territory there are several spontaneous species of gladiolus among which the most widespread is the gladiolus segetum popularly known as pancacciuola. In some areas we also find the gladiolus communis, popularly called swordswoman, swordfish or swordfish, and gladiolus palustris, with its purple-pink or white flowers.

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