How to grow onions

Instructions onhow to grow onionsin the garden or in pots. When to harvest onions and advice on how to care for the plants. Cultivation starting from the seed or from the onion itself.

Grow onions

How to do without onions in our kitchen ?! They are often an essential element for sauces, ragu, focaccia, savory pies and many other dishes. It should not be overlooked that they are rich in minerals and vitamins.

How many times do we happen to have to do without onions why did we forget to buy them? Do you want to solve the problem? you can grow onions everywhere, even in pots, on your terrace or balcony. The onions they are easy to cultivate and it is not necessary to have a real vegetable garden, you just need a vase, as long as it is large enough. Do not know how to grow onions? We'll take care of explaining it to you!

Onion seed

The first thing to do is to buy the sachets containing i onion seeds.

The onion seed is extremely small. It develops from flowers. Maybe it seems strange to you to talk about onion seedbecause you've never seen one. Old onions, in fact, produce sprouts and can be "sown" in turn.

For this you can:

  • start growing onions starting with an onion with green shoots
  • growing onions from seeds

If you don't harvest the onion (the edible part), the plant will produce flowers that will develop small seeds. Seeds can be harvested from flowering onion plants or purchased. Know, however, that if the onion plant produces flowers, the edible part can no longer be used in the kitchen! With flowering, any plant focuses its energy on seed production, so it uses all the reserves it has!

The seeds can be bought at nurseries, agricultural consortia, gaden centers or by taking advantage of online sales. There are different varieties: the red onions they are suitable for salads, while white or blond ones are better for cooking.

Depending on the variety, onions can be more or less sweet and can have a rounded or elongated shape. To see a dense selection of onion varieties, I suggest you visit “this Amazon page” where the seeds and the names of the varieties are related to photos.

When to grow onions

Sowing in the open field can be done from March to April.

If thesowingit is done in a protected environment, it is possible to anticipate it. For early and late varieties, consider the sowing period indicated on the onion seed sachet.

How to grow onions in pots

If you don't have a garden, just organize oneonion cultivation in pots,using the balcony or a window sill.

In case ofonion cultivation in potsyou need boxes (planters) or very deep vases. If, in addition to having a green thumb, you love DIY, you can provide the container yourself! For grow onions in potson the terrace or balcony you will need some drawers, but it could be a nice idea to build them yourself by buying what you need in a DIY center.

Once the bins are ready or purchased, you will need the soil that is of the soft type, without too compact clods and rich in organic substances to allow the plant an adequate development and good growth.

To enrich the soil it is advisable to fertilize with ammonium sulphate. Ammonium sulfate has an excellent composition to feed many vegetables, including onions. Release is slow and will support plant growth for a long time. A valid alternative to fertilizer is to mix fertile soil with well-ripened compost, perhaps obtained from your organic waste.

Please note: for grow onions in pots, the container must be at least 20 cm in diameter and 30 cm in depth.

How to sow onions

  • Prepare a soft, soft soil rich in organic matter.
  • Arrange 3 onion seeds in each pot or in each box of the seedbed.
  • Wait a month until the plants have developed well.

At this point, if you want grow onions in pots, monitor growth, water occasionally and wait for the development of the edible part to harvest. If instead theonion cultivationis in the vegetable garden or in the garden, you will have to providetransplant onions.

How to grow onions in the vegetable garden

You can sow in seedbeds and transplant, or sow directly in the open field.

How to sow onion in the vegetable garden?With the appropriate gardening tool, dig small furrows and carefully deposit the seeds with your hands and cover them superficially with soil. Water and wait for germination.

Be careful to clean up the crop by removing weeds.

If, on the other hand, you have to transplant onions, wait for the plants to give at least 15 cm before planting them. The sixth plant provides:

  • 25 cm of distance between one plant and another
  • 30 cm distance between one row and the other

The space between the rows serves not only the plant but also you: it will allow you to weed with a hoe or a weeder. Weeding is useful for aerating the soil.

Onion plant: care

Wet the earth only when it is rather dry without ever exaggerating with water.

It is necessary to keep the soil clean by weeding out any weeds that may grow between the onion seedlings and disturb their normal growth.

Just a fertilization at the time of sowing or planting the plant.

When to harvest onions

Theperiodof the crop varies according to the climatic trend and the variety cultivated.

  • The white onions "first fruits" can be harvested between May and June.
  • Red onions, like the red onion from Tropea, are harvested starting from October and the harvest spreads until March.
  • Those yellow or golden onions can be harvested around September.

If you are interested in theRed onion, you can read ad hoc instructions in the guide dedicated to the “Tropea red onion“.

Video: 5 Tips How to Grow a Ton of Onions in One Container or Garden Bed (May 2021).