Seedless watermelon, where did it come from?

L'seedless watermelonit is now a full-blown and widespread reality. The pulp is sweet and has its classic color, the difference lies in the lack of the numerous seeds that usually make the watermelon more "boring" to eat. L'seedless watermelon was created to meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly looking for products that are easy to use. It is not very different from seedless grapefruits or seedless mandarins…. But being a novelty (at least for many Italians), it causes a lot of discussion.

Seedless watermelon

If you think that seedless fruit has been selected by farmers, crop after crop, you are wrong! L'seedless watermelon, as well as mandarins and seedless grapefruits, were made in the laboratory where scientists dressed in sterile overalls and masks, manipulated the embryos of those plants by subjecting them to the action of colchicine or other mutagenic processes in order to obtain the variety most sought after by consumers.

Theseedless watermelonscan be described as amule of the plant kingdom. Do you know what a mule is? You will have heard the expression "I'm working like a mule "… A mule is a quadruped, a sterile hybrid born from the reproductive activities of a donkey and a stallion horse, exploited for a long time in the agricultural sector for the transport of heavy loads. The mule is sterile due to its odd chromosome makeup (63 chromosomes). The mule is not a naturally occurring animal…. similarly, thewatermelon without semi could not exist without human intervention.

In theseedless watermelon, the number of chromosomes is first doubled by the use of the chemical colchicine, by doubling the chromosomal set of a normal watermelon (which is diploid) we obtain a tetraploid plant (four pairs of chromosomes). By crossing a tetraploid watermelon created in the laboratory and a diploid watermelon, a triploid plant is obtained which gives life to seedless watermelons,which is thus a barren fruit.

How to grow seedless watermelon

Those who intend to start this type of cultivation in the home garden will have to purchase the seeds to grow the seedless watermelon, nice pun right ?!

These seeds can be found in specialized agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online sales: “on this Amazon page” there are several proposals.

Seedless watermelons should be grown in the middle of summer, when temperatures drop, the growth of the plant slows down significantly. With a favorable climate, the plant can produce fully ripe seedless watermelons within 85 days.

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