How to clean mosquito nets

Instructions onhow to clean mosquito nets of windows, balconies and doors. Tips for cleaning them without damaging them, especially if they are pleated or particularly delicate mosquito nets.

Theredustis the main enemy ofmosquito nets. It is deposited in the tight meshes, grain by grain, to create caps which, at the first gust of wind, then go to deposit inside the house. It's clear thatclean the mosquito nets from dustand from dirt, it is an operation that must be done periodically. Therecleaningof themosquito netsit must be done both in summer and in winter.

How to clean mosquito nets

Mosquito nets are fantastic: they help us keep mosquitoes and sand flies out of the house but they have a downside, they accumulate a lot of dust between the meshes of the cloth and in the tracks. That's why today we will explain how to clean roller, fixed or pleated insect screens.

How to clean mosquito nets

Forclean the mosquito netsyou have to be very careful not toruin themHow to clean mosquito nets without damaging them? Certainly not using a vacuum cleaner!

The vacuum cleaner can be useful forclean the mosquito netsonly if it is equipped with a careful adjustment of the power. You will have to use the vacuum cleaner with a spout for fabrics and above all at the minimum of its power. Very useful for the cleaning the mosquito net of windows, doors and balconies, it is steam. Here, too, the power of the appliance must be well balanced.

When using the vacuum cleaner or the elf, always clean from top to bottom. It is important to use spouts for the fabric because the classic vacuum cleaner nozzle could damage themosquito net.

How to clean mosquito nets with the brush

Although the vacuum cleaner is the most effective and fastest solution, not everyone can correctly dose its power. Those who are not equipped with a vacuum cleaner or have one that is too powerful can solve the problem by running onecleaning the mosquito nets with a brush.

It is important to use soft bristle brushes so as not tomess upthe meshes of the mosquito net. Also in this case it will be necessary to clean from top to bottom.

Once the entire surface has been brushed, you can use a spray solution given for 60% vinegar and 40% water. Don't worry about the smell, the vinegar is highly volatile and will disappear completely in a couple of hours.

If you wantsanitize the mosquito net to clean, you can make a mixture of 10% alcohol, 50% vinegar and 40% water.

How to clean pleated insect screens

What to say about thepleated mosquito nets?Well, these are undoubtedly the hardest toto clean. The mosquito net cloth, in fact, is made up of many folds that make it even more delicate and prone to damage.

In order not to wear out the mosquito nets it is necessary to have a lot of patience.

For cleaning, choose a day when you have the whole morning free: haste can be your enemy. To clean the pleated insect screens it is necessary to create a support surface with a cardboard to be inserted into the tracks so as to facilitate the cleaning operations as seen above. Therefore also thepleated mosquito netsYes they canto cleanwith soft brush or vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the frame and rails

If the vacuum cleaner is equipped with special nozzles, it is possible to reach even the most hidden areas of the tracks. Forclean the mosquito netsIndeed, it is not enough to clean the tightly meshed fabric: frames, stops and tracks must be properly cleaned.

Compressed air to clean mosquito nets

There is another strategy forclean the mosquito nets, whether it ispleated mosquito netswhether it is standard mosquito nets. Let's talk about compressed air.

A can of compressed air, if used properly, can sufficeremove dustof an entire mosquito net for the door or for two mosquito nets for the windows (smaller).

Just direct the air jet on the surface to be cleaned, pausing in the areas where the accumulation of dust is greatest.

If during the cleaning phase you have damaged the mosquito net cloth, know that it can be replaced or repaired. To repair a perforated mosquito net, a simple adhesive patch like the one you find on "this Amazon page" is enough.

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