Difference between cod and stockfish

We explain to you what the difference is between cod and stockfish, without missing some recipes to cook them to perfection!

Cod and stockfish: it is the same fish but preserved in two different ways. To do itstockfish or codwe use the cod. The species ofcodused to do thecod and stockfish I'm:

  • Gadus morhua
  • Gadus macrocephalus

TheG. macrocephalus and the codpresent in the northern Pacific Ocean, whileG. morhua it's acod present in the North Atlantic Ocean.

So, to see if you understand, we ask you two questions:what fish is cod? What fish is stockfish?If your answer was “thecod", did you understand! In both cases we talk aboutcodbut the method of conservation varies for thecodit is under-salt and for itstockfishis drying.

Difference between cod and stockfish

To do itstockfish, thecodit is first cleaned (without head and entrails) and then it comesdried whole. The drying takes place in the open air, from February to May. The ideal climate for drying cod intended for the preparation ofstockfishit is dry (without humidity) with temperatures close to freezing.

What is the rapier? Sicily, in Campania and in various areas of Southern Italy, lostockfishit is also calledrapierorstockfish.

Better not to get confused with the names. In Northern Italy and, in particular in the area ofVenetian domination, lostockfishis calledcod, so much so that onerecipewhich provides for the use ofstockfishit is called “baccalà alla vicentina”.

So: stockfish and stockfish are the same thing but there is a beautiful onedifference between cod and stockfish!

Thestockfishis obtained fromcodtreated differently. The cod, in this case, are cleaned more consistently: the head is removed, the entrails and are deprived of the backbone (filleted) and of the causal fins. The cod meat, thus obtained, is put onin saltfor 3 weeks. At the end of the salting, the large cod fillets take the name ofcod!

What is cod? A clean cod preserved in salt for 3 weeks.

It is thought that thecod, for the first time, was prepared by whale fishermen. The salted technique, in fact, has historically been used for the conservation of whale meat.

How to prepare the stockfish: soaking

Forcooking stockfishand thecodthere are some procedures to follow. How to prepare stockfish?

  • With a meat tenderizer, beat itstockfishon both sides so as to widen the dehydrated and stiffened fibers.
  • Place itstockfishin a basin and leave it insoakingfor 3 - 4 days.
  • The water used for soaking the stockfish must be cold (around 2 ° - 5 ° C, if necessary, place the bowl in the fridge).
  • Change the soaking water at least twice a day. This process serves to rehydrate the meat of therapier.
  • L'soakingends after 3 - 4 days, when the meat of therapierthey will have rehydrated and increased their volume.
  • Open the fish like a book, remove the central spine and soak it again for another 3 hours beforecook it and use it in your recipes.

Also for thecodsoaking is provided.

Cod: how to prepare it

The soaking of the cod sees times identical to those seen for rapier: 3 or 4 days.

  • Thoroughly rinse thecodunder running water. Remove all surface salt.
  • Put the fillets ofcod to soakfor 3 - 4 days at a temperature of 2 - 5 ° C.
  • At the end of the soaking, the volume ofcodit should increase by a good 10%.
  • After soaking, drip thecod, dry it and, with tweezers, remove any bones left in the meat.

Please note: you can find both on the marketrapierthatcodalready soaked, ready to be used in your recipes.

Thecodcan be used in therecipeof mixed fried Roman style and in the classic mixed fried Christmas.

Video: Cod: The Fish That Changed The World S. 1, Ep. 3 Mini-Series, Documentary (May 2021).