Crab Apple: characteristics, properties and how to take it

Crab Apple: characteristics, properties and how to take it

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Also called Malus Pupila or Pyrus Malus, or Wild Apple, the Crab Apple is a flower linked to the apple tree, the one that over time becomes wild and grows not in plantations but in the woods. Or it hides in the hedges. This apple tree activates up to 10 meters high but has several interesting properties for our health. It is considered a natural antibiotic and it seems to work both to treat acne and to counteract allergies.

Crab Apple: directions

As we have already implied, this flower remedy it is associated with the idea of ​​purification, it is a Bach flower that acts as a cleanser, not literally but in a psychophysical sense. It cleanses our soul, our sensations, our mind, chasing away thoughts that stain our serenity.

A flower like the Crab Apple it is therefore suitable for all those who do not have a good self-image, who consider themselves poor and lacking in quality, undeserving people. It is at the same time suitable for those who have a mania for purifying themselves and washing themselves, as if this helps them to accept themselves, for those obsessed with the idea of ​​dirt.

The personalities from Crab Apple they are the ones who are discouraged at all and who tend to despair by exaggerating any judgment they receive. These are men and women who always think they have something wrong, that they don't like each other, neither when they look in the mirror nor when they look inside.

Who uses this Bach flower he is uncomfortable with his body, he is ashamed of it and as a reaction tends to feel dirty, he dwells on the details always looking for a defect instead of considering himself as a whole in search of gifts and things to be proud of.

Let's not confuse this type of people with the one to whom Pine is recommended. That Bach flower it is for those who condemn themselves for various reasons.

Crab Apple: ownership

Let's leave for a moment the idea of ​​dirt, physical and moral, to discover that this Bach flower can be considered a powerful "natural antibiotic" and therefore a useful remedy when it comes to treating acne, mycoses, warts and all skin conditions in general, including allergies. The Crab Apple it can also be an excellent remedy when you have a headache attack related to the abuse of food or alcohol.

We feel as E. Bach himself defines the Crab Apple:
“This is the purifying remedy. For those who have the feeling of having something unclean in themselves. Often it is something apparently insignificant; 31 in other cases it may be a more serious disorder, almost neglected than the only thing on which the person focuses his attention. Both types are eager to get rid of that one thing that has the greatest importance in the mind and that seems essential to them to cure. They get depressed if the cure fails. Being a purifying agent, this remedy cleans up the wounds if the patient had reason to think that a poison to be eliminated has penetrated ”.

Curious, but predictable, to find that the famous person connected to this flower is the ugly duckling and the key phrases are "How disgusting!" and "My knowledge is clear and clean".

Crab Apple: how to take it

To relieve a sore throat or headache, just take a few drops in water several times a day and pass one pure flower drop on the throat externally. There are no problems with this remedy which can be used peacefully by the whole family so we can mix a few drops directly into the bottle of water which we then drink at the table. What effect does it have? Cleans. It cleanses from physical and energetic toxins bringing back a bit of lightness, so it can be useful in the evening when you return home tired and full of worries.

Among all the categories, those to whom it is particularly recommended are the categories that work in contact with sick people so that they can cleanse the bodies of the continuous energy absorption. We are therefore talking about doctors, dentists, nurses, hospital staff, pharmacists.

Crab Apple: drops

You can safely buy this natural remedy in a parapharmacy or pharmacy that holds homeopathic products, but there are various packages available online at affordable prices. A flask of Crab Apple 10 ml can cost about 15 euros and is a natural non-alcoholic remedy suitable for the mind, emotionality and stress, made in Italy. If we are perplexed, we can start using the Soap that combines Crab Apple and Mulberry in 150 gram format for less than 10 euros.

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