By bike under the moonlight on Ticino

Roe deer, fallow deer, badgers, foxes, skunks and martens it is easier to meet them at night in their fleeting appearances. Discovering that the area around us, starting with the one close to home, is more populated than we think. There World Earth Day, scheduled for April 26, will be the occasion of the bike ride in the moonlight in Ticino Park long The Via dei Cairoli. The initiative is organized byPRO NATURA Man and Territory Association.

The path chosen for the night bike ride it crosses the agricultural and forest areas between the edge of the terrace and the course of the river, with departure at 9 pm (April 26th) at the car park in Via Mincio a Gropello Cairoli (PV), where the return is also expected, shortly after 10 pm. Two recommendations: for your clothing, which must be warm and comfortable and for your visibility, a headlamp is recommended, in addition to the lighting required by the highway code.

Those who wish can anticipate their arrival to taste traditional Lomellina dishes at theAgriturismo Sant’Andrea by Gropello Cairoli, theTrattoria da Pasquale in Parasacco, a hamlet of Zerbolò, or in the numerous agritourisms, restaurants and trattorias along La Via dei Cairoli.

Staying to sleep is possible, for those who wish, at the Agriturismo Sant’Andrea or theAgriturismo Raimondi Cominesi Amilcare di Garlasco (Bozzola hamlet) to continue discovering this fascinating area in the following days.

Participation in the bike ride in the moonlight provides for the payment of a free donation and mandatory booking. Donations and contributions collected as part of the events and activities managed by the Man and Territory PRO NATURA Association are intended for local projects of nature conservation and of environmental education conducted by the association.

Subscriptions: 339 86 92 843[email protected]

Video: The Moonlight look - Lighting Tutorial (May 2021).