Donna Impresa Towards Expo 2015

It has been described as the event that "focuses on the female universe by selecting the creative excellences of young women who think, say, do, plan, feel, imagine and write ... ", These are the words that Milanese councilor Silvia Garnero used to describe Donna Impresa Towards Expo 2015. The event will be held in Milan from 22 to 25 November in Via Asti 17, at Spazio Asti.

Four days under the banner of Green Feminine: fashion, make-up, accessories, high design, jewelry, workshops, debates, exhibitions and much more. Donna Impresa Towards Expo 2015 wants to look at fashion with a critical and conscious eye.

"The project Natura Donna Impresa Towards Expo 2015 was born in Milan in November 2010 with the aim of giving visibility and synergizing women who are personally involved in ethical professional experiences and create a permanent symposium from which to launch ideas and hypotheses "towards Expò 2015". "

From 2010 to today, Natura Donna Impresa has become the pink frame of Milan Expo 2015. From the arts, to design, to fashion, to communication… the appointments of Donna Impresa Towards Expo 2015 they are really numerous. Ample space will be dedicated to green make-up and the visitor will be welcomed in an exhibition area that collects the works of 30 designers.

Exhibition, yes, but also shopping! Remember the saying "look but don't touch "? Forget it! During the event it will be possible to touch all the fruits offered by the female universe, an extraordinary opportunity to buy original and unobtainable gifts to pack for the Christmas holidays!

There will be debates and the most awaited seems to be the one that sees the woman at the center of the web with the round table by Fashion Android. In the world of work there is a lot of talk about "gender diversity", it is not the case of the web where bloggers make themselves heard in full voice. An event full of environmental sustainabilitybut also social: among the most important events scheduled for November 25th, there is the World day against violence against women, with the intervention of Amnesty International on the topic "Gender trap”.

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