Fear of emptiness: how to overcome it

Fear of emptiness, of the emptiness that we have under our feet when we are, for example, on an airplane, or of the existential emptiness, for lack of horizons, goals, work or true friends. Fear of emptiness can immobilize, it can make you sad, it can create serious difficulties and, if felt at high levels, it can make it impossible to lead a normal life. It is not unsolvable, however, you can work on it, at least trying to improve the situation to live better.

Fear of emptiness: what is it called

The fear of emptiness is indicated with the term of kenophobia and it must be understood as that unjustified fear of both places or empty spaces and the deepest voids, the existential ones. When it is not a question of metaphorical void but of spatial void, it can also happen to warn of difficulty in self-control and balance. This causes the so-called dizziness!

If, on the other hand, the fear of emptiness concerns an inner emptiness, the risk is more than anything else that of being prey to states of anxiety and depression, experiencing at the same time a tremendous and often unjustified loneliness.
Many times the fear of emptiness is associated with the fear of flight, also known by the term acrophobia.

Fear of emptiness: how to overcome it

We do not intervene on the fear of emptiness but on its causes which are not always trivial to identify. It goes without saying, hence, it is not easy to tell how to overcome fear and the phobia of emptiness.

Sometimes you can resort to antidepressant and anxiolytic drugs, at other times the path of psychotherapy is better, it depends both on the cause and on the person suffering from this fear. For the second path, the psychotherapeutic one, it is necessary to be available to question and investigate in the depths of one's soul. It is not obvious that you want to do it. There are also cases in which drugs and psychotherapy are combined in a winning way.

Fear of emptiness or phobia

There fear of emptiness it can really become a consistent obstacle in carrying out a regular existence, understood both from the working point of view and from the emotional point of view. At this point we can talk about phobia of emptiness, a highly disabling pathology that compromises everyday life and social life.

Fear of the emptiness of the precipices

When the fear is empty spaces, you get dizzy and you certainly don't like precipices. Whether they are in the mountains or in the city, whether it is a matter of leaning out from a balcony or a viewpoint, fear is irrational and those who suffer from it are unable to expose themselves even for a few seconds. Only at the thought does he end up freezing, sweating, experiencing tachycardia and the desire to escape.

Fear of emptiness and dizziness

Dizziness is hard to describe when not experienced on your skin. It is a disorienting sensation especially because the panic attack or dizziness that only comes from has no purely logical explanation to the idea of ​​approaching the void.

In addition to the dizziness, fear of emptiness can manifest itself with symptoms such as certain psychosomatic illnesses, stomach cramps, shortness of breath, tachycardia.

Fear of emptiness: advice

Is titled "Empty to win. Cabrini, Panatta, Chechi and other sports champions tell the fear after success ". Giorgio Burreddu, Fabio Cola and Alessandra Giardini wrote it, on Amazon it can be purchased with 11 euros and it is truly a wonderful book. Tell true anecdotes that make you want to face that fear of emptiness existential that often grasps in some moments of fragility. If great champions like them have had it and surpassed it, we can all face it. You can win!

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